Luncheon at the Tea Shoppe

After a really enjoyable and successful trip to Bath at the beginning of the month I decided to take the trusty D7000 & 85mm back for another day of walking around and sitting down and just generally chilling whilst getting the odd shot in. I based myself in front of the Roman Baths & The Abbey, where most people congregate, and as there was no Fringe Festival this time so I walked in a different direction from last time.

I sat in Kingston Parade, which is the square to the south side of the Abbey. I then set off away from The Abbey to Abbey Green.

On the way you pass the Fudge Factory, where people seemed to be enjoying the ice cream.

Fudge Factory

Then another shot from the other end with the Abbey in the background.

Fudge Factory

As I passed I noticed in front of me a Green with a big tree in the middle and a guitarist underneath the tree playing classical music. It was so serene after the bustle around the Abbey. This is Abbey Green.

The Guitarist

The Green had a single path around it and old buildings at the edge of the path, creating an enclosed square. The guitarist was facing a Tee Shoppe called “The Bath Bun”. I took this shot head on of the people enjoying the fayre of the Tee Shoppe whilst enjoying the sun and the shade of the tree.

The Bath Bun

I returned just under an hour later. The guitarist had moved on and there was someone else playing. I took this shot from the lane just after the Fudge Factory. The vicar in the shot notice me kneel down to take the shot and put her hand to her face.

The Bath Bun

I returned again just under an hour after the previous shot, and the clientèle had changed once again. So had the entertainment under the tree.

The Bath Bun

Once again I returned just under an hour after the previous shot, and the clientèle had changed once again, with a couple of children this time. The entertainment under the tree had changed once again. None of the performers had given the feeling of serenity that the Classical Guitarist had.

The Bath Bun

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2 thoughts on “Luncheon at the Tea Shoppe

  1. That was a good idea Wayne, photographing the same location with different people each time. A nice relaxed location and everyone (except the vicar) were all busy talking, eating or reading the menu to notice you.

    • It was such a serene place and only seconds from all the hustle & bustle.

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