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Esther FR is someone I noticed a short while ago, in fact 3 weeks ago. I instantly liked what she was doing. Her shots are clear & crisp, no messing about, no covering up mistakes or out of focus parts, just clean.

I hope a lot of people will look at this feature and see like I have, the beautiful work that Esther is doing. Esther has a mixture of work, which includes Street and Architecuture, B&W and Colour, so there is something for everyone. Personally I prefer the Street work, but hey, the other shots are great and a joy to look at.

It is the clarity of the shots that hits me. Take the time to look at each of the shots below, then use the link at the bottom to head straight over to Esther’s photostream.

All the photos in this post were taken by Esther FR, and are copyrighted to her. © Esther FR, All Rights Reserved


Ladies' break
Ladies’ break

The dog is not asleep, it is dead. Well that is what I thought when I first saw this shot and it made me laugh, that I thought someone would put up a photo with a dead dog in it.
What it does though is show the relaxed atmosphere of this shot. The ladies are enjoying their coffee, and it must be in a quiet place as the (dead or sleeping?) dog is totally undisturbed, so they are not being disturbed.

ça décoiffe !
ça décoiffe !

When I first saw this shot, I read the title as “coiffure”, and thought the reference was to the hair style. Then I translated it, and the translation is “it’s mind-blowing!”, so the reference is to the building in the distance. This was only an aside as the the shot is truly excellent. You can see what the person is looking at although it is bokeh’d, but looks a magnificent building. Then again, and all the comments refer to hair, so I could be wrong. I wish my French was as good as Esther’s English!


What a superb, appropriate title. No problem translating this. Just a pair of hands, covered in lacy ended sleeves. Yes we can see there is a mobile there but it is hidden, and if it wasn’t there those hands wouldn’t be raised like that for us to see. Against the bokeh, that is all that is there, so we can concentrate our thoughts without any distraction. Excellent.

derniers rayons...
derniers rayons…

Another great and appropriate title. I will let you work this out. You see it as soon as you look at this shot. Just one person in the shot for us to get perspective and also a solid shape to contrast all those straight lines from the sun, shadows, railings and benches. They run in all angles of symmetry. Then we have the, what I can only call a “wiggly line” leading us right to the far end of the shot.
You can spend ages looking at all those lines with the light and shadows, then you notice after being drawn right into the shot, the missing slat of wood from the bench, showing an imperfection that is a total contrast to all those straight lines! Superb.


At first this shot looks like any other with an old man sitting with people in the background.
Then you Stop. Then you Look.
Yes there is an old man. He doesn’t just look like he’s sitting. He looks as though he is either slowly lowering himself down, or rising, or he can’t get comfortable through pain. In contrast the people behind are walking freely without any cares. Mobility not an issue on their minds. Another contrast that the shot brings out is the loneliness of an infirm man, compared to the content healthy people that are interacting with each other, with nobody noticing the old man.
Except the little girl on the left.
It is that final detail that sticks with me.

Seuls sous la tour
Seuls sous la tour

Alone together, but amongst the crowds.
That is how this shot comes over to me. A young couple on a summers day, enjoying each others company so much, that it doesn’t matter that others are around.
If they even notice, or care.

Mimétisme ?
Mimétisme ?

I am a great believer in first impressions. My first impression of this shot, was two women walking on a beach, with sweeping views into the distance, showing how small they are in comparison to the scene, even though they are not that small in the shot.
I also don’t believe you should just stay with first impressions, and you should always look deeper.
Then you notice that as the women are walking they are in step with each other. Then looking at the cranes in the background, it’s as if the cranes are distant shadows of the two women.
I then look at Esther’s title, “Mimétisme ?”, and translate it into English, “Mimicry?”. Does this mean the 2 women are mimicking each other, or that they are mimicking the cranes, or the cranes mimicking the women. Maybe it’s left to the viewer to decide, I know which one I have chosen.
Excellent composition and titling.


On first glance at this shot in Esther’s photostream I thought the man was playing with a giant Jenga. The focus on the man and the pile of books, with the houses in bokeh acting as a background is fantastic.
It becomes a game in your head wondering which book will he take out to make them all fall. There may be a frame structure which the books are on, but you can’t see that in the image, and don’t worry I have looked hard, but cannot see it, only what looks like a table for the first shelf. I just see the books on planks, on top of other books all supporting each other. You can’t help but keep looking.

Les petites filles modèles 1
Les petites filles modèles 1

I don’t know what I can say that this image doesn’t convey.
Two sweet young girls in their summer dresses with hats, “sur la plage”, on a summers day. True innocence, before the big bad world destroys that innocence. The little detail of the one girl wearing a watch, that she is of the age when she is beginning to learn to tell the time. This takes me back to those years with my children and I see my daughter as one of these girls, and my granddaughter as the other. Those times move so quickly and are gone and should be cherished.
Esther did a couple of conversions of this shot, but in my view there is no need as this shot is truly beautiful and portrays any parents view of their daughter, at that age of innocence.
This image has stayed in my mind ever since I first saw it and will stay there for a long time to come.

été rayé !
été rayé !

“Enregistrez le meilleur pour la fin”.
I am glad I wasn’t featuring Esther’s photos until now, otherwise I wouldn’t have seen this shot, one of her most recent. To me it is the best shot in her photostream.
This is the comment I left on the photo in her stream when I first saw it, “What a beautiful shot Esther. The clarity is superb and the B&W conversion is excellent. I love the way the stripes run vertical but then are bent. The beautiful woman bending at the same angle as the stripes, Fantastic.
I just love looking at this.”
I first saw this shot about 5 days ago, and when starting this post I automatically put it straight to the bottom to be the last shot. I still have the tab open in my browser of this shot and regularly switch back to it.
Sometimes there is something else in a shot and it doesn’t matter how many words you use, there is something else, and this shot has it.

Merci beaucoup Esther FR for allowing me to use your photos on the Blog.

To see more of Esther’s work, take a look at her Flickr Photostream

Darn it. I just clicked on the link to Esther’s photostream to check it was working and there is another excellent shot “les toiles de Royan”, that she has just posted up.

8 thoughts on “Featured Photographers – Esther FR

  1. You’ve picked another wonderful photographer to feature on your blog. These photos are all stunning. My favorite is the shot of the two little girls. There is such a sweetness and innocence to them, even though the shot was taken from behind, that it stirs up so many emotions in you when you view it.

  2. I’ll second that!
    Together with stunning photos from Esther and your in depth observations this is a brilliant post. The last photo is indeed a beauty. I like the way the stripes bend almost in the same direction as the woman leaning on the tent. I can almost feel the discomfort the elderly man is experiencing in the ‘vintage’ image.
    I actually like the delicate glove image myself. It’s something you don’t always see and the details are just perfect. Not seeing the wearer or what they are photographing just adds even more interest to the image.

  3. What a co-incidence. I am sitting here in my tent at 5am in Newman Australia and I have just been looking at Esther’s pictures. She uses black and white so well and I also thought her recent beach shots were very good. Esther has a good eye for composition and choice of colour or black and white.

  4. esther fr

    Well, I don’t kwow what to say… I am so moved by the way you speak about my pictures, Wayne…
    I started to take photos a few years ago, but I ‘m really fond of it since last year, when I got a DSLR … I didn’t know anything about street photography, but as long as I read different blogs about ISO, aperture, shutter speed, bokeh and so on ( and it was like chinese language for me !) I also discovered the word of street photography.
    It has been a challenge for me to go out in the streets (or on the beach !) to shoot people. I am in a small town, and you are not very discreet with a DSLR !! but it gives you an adrenaline rush, and it’s not only a picture, but more than that : you capture the moment, the emotion, the irony sometimes… well, the life !
    It make me laugh when I read what you said about “ça décoiffe” or “mimetisme?” you translate it correctly, it was just a double meaning …
    Next step for me would be to have a blog… but it takes time… and I am afraid I will not write it in English, it would take me much more time !!!
    I follow Leanne Boulton for a few months and I love her work, I think it’s the way I discovered your work too, and then I went to see the photostream of the photographers you’ve featured…
    Thank you so much too, Tina, Grant, Ian… it’s a pleasure to follow your works, too.
    See you !

  5. Esther I don’t think you realise what such a good eye you have.

    I am glad I have opened up your work to others, it needs to be seen by more people.

    Ian, what are you doing living in a tent? The rest of us live in houses! You are right about Esther’s photography.

  6. Ann Levy

    Esther has a gift not only for “seeing things” but for choosing just the right title to underscore the irony and often “the double entendre”–elle décoiffe!!!
    This is a great selection, and you’re right: the last one is iconic and very beautiful!

  7. I really love Esther’s work Ann. I can’t say any more than that, apart from it is a dream to look at.

  8. Thank you again Just Ard, and Anne too ! I now have to be up to your compliments ! hard job 😉
    I learned a lot with the flickr community, and my bloggers friends

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