Featured Photographers – Gisele Duprez

Gisele is another Street Photographer who is based in the USofA. Brooklyn to be more precise.

One thing that sticks out throughout Giseles’ photostream is humour. You can see it coming through the following shots I have chosen, and recommend you view her photostream on Flickr to see what a tough time I had choosing just 10!

All the photos in this post were taken by Gisele and are copyrighted to her. © Gisele Duprez

Fat Femmes Against Everything
Fat Femmes Against Everything

Tell me you didn’t laugh or at least smile when you looked at this shot.

Giseles’ comment says this shot is from the “Dyke March”, so I think it may be safe to assume these women are lesbians. Being a larger woman and lesbian, boy do they fight what society would like to be, straight and thin, or so the media tell us. They are shouting it out that they are proud to be what they are, and to add to it to throw more salt onto the wounds of the “Normal” average American, the two on the right have tattoos. They look to be having so much fun, and are certainly not camera shy.

I feel I would have liked to have been there when the shot was taken to stop and have a chat with these women as they would certainly have brightened my day. Excellent Capture.

AM New York
AM New York

I am always told that composition is the key, and this shot has the key.

The main subject sitting on a bench reading a newspaper, yes it is a paper. I immediately then went to her feet, and her shoes didn’t seem to match the business type suit she is wearing. You then look past her and you see a man on his own bench, then another. You find the railings opposite them pulling your eyes further along the benches, and you get the feeling that both the railings and the benches, each with people sitting on them run all the way to the Brooklyn Bridge!

A superb composition that pulls your eyes right into the bridge with lovely images on the way.


On first seeing this shot it is a WOW. You then realise you are being drawn in to the black shapes in the corner. Giseles’ composition does this. Look at the bottom right hand corner where the floor meets the wall and you realise that line takes you straight to the Policemen.

The whole scene is white except for the Policemen and their desk that they are at.

Only on reading Giseles’ comments did I realise this is the new World Trade Center’s underground Passageway. The fact that Gisele got this shot in such a sensitive area amazed me. At Rhoose (Wales) airport, not military, you will be spoken to, your details taken, and those details kept on file, for just standing at the perimeter fence. This has happened to friends of mine.

The whole image reminds me of a museum, with a huge gallery wall and all that is on that wall, is a framed miniature. In both instances you are forced to focus on the subject.

A good day for a walk
A good day for a walk

If it’s her own business she must be on a good earner because I counted at least 12 dogs.

This is another shot that made me smile. There are so many people looking towards the camera, and I wonder if they are looking at the girl and all the dogs, or at Gisele standing in front of her taking the shot.

Grumpy Cat
Grumpy Cat

This in one excellent shot. The focus is spot on, and is well separated, giving a lovely bokeh’d background of the street.

I enjoy taking these sort of shots myself. I wonder if the same happened to Gisele as often happens to me. The person walks towards you and is so intent on what they are doing they don’t notice you with a camera pointed at them.

I noticed in Giseles’ photostream that she commented that she had changed the title. I don’t know what it was before, but it could have been “Victor Meldrew in New York”, or “New York, I don’t bloody believe it”. Although I don’t know if Americans would understand the relevance.

A Truly Excellent candid street portrait.

Big Brown Bag
Big Brown Bag

The composition of this shot is excellent. You can see they are at a bus stop, but not at first. They seem to be lined up for some reason and seem quite well spaced and all looking in the same direction, except the woman in the middle who seems not to know which way she wants to look, then you look and see it is a bus stop. In my experience people normally stand much closer at bus stops, and I wonder if the reason is that it is New York and people prefer their personal space to be larger.

I looked at the woman 2nd from the right and thought she was carrying a snow shovel that was was wrapped at the base. On looking closer, much closer, I laughed when I realised it wasn’t a snow shovel, she didn’t have anything. It is another woman behind, who is holding a rolled up poster or something similar, and is the only one looking at Gisele.

But what really makes this shot is the whole composition. Gisele hasn’t cropped to give us just the people in the queue. She has placed them in the bottom third of the image, with the high windows behind which gives us a feeling of shadows of the people formed on the wall behind them. There are five windows in a line, imitating the five main characters, and that’s what completes this image for me.

Oh, I couldn’t help notice on the bus stop that it says “No standing”. I know this applies to the bus itself, but I couldn’t help thinking how rebellious these older women are, going against an instruction of not to stand!


This is how I imagine New York to be. This impression has been put in my mind through American Films & TV Shows that I grew up watching. Cagney & Lacey spring to mind amongst others.

What I see in this shot is three immigrants, even though they may have been there for generations, all out on the stoop, looking world weary, watching the world go by, or in this case, Gisele taking a shot of them. Another little touch is the small, patriotic, Stars & Stripes on a wire to the left. The fact that Gisele has got eye contact with all three people really makes this shot.

This is the type of shot I would be looking to get if I went to New ,York.

Close Quarters
Close Quarters

When I saw this shot on Giseles’ photostream I left the comment: “Excellent work study Gisele. I love that you have captured both work and eye contact. Beautiful.” I feel it has all the elements of a great Street shot. Ordinary working people, in their own environment, doing that work, and also Gisele has once again got the eye contact.

There is so much to see and wonder at in this shot. All their tools within reach. Do they always work in such a confined place, and do they have to toil for many hours, as I would think they do, to make a living. The bags of shoes hanging up, are they the finished work, or more still to do.

I do wonder what is behind the door, and surely they would have to clear the whole area to open it.

The shot is just brilliant. Focus is spot on and the tones are fantastic.


I often read where photographers say you have to have eye contact for a shot to be true “Street. As far as I am concerned that is utter rubbish. Eye contact would have destroyed this image. What makes it so beautiful is that the woman is lost in her own thoughts and is not aware of Gisele taking the shot.

I love the tussled look of the womans’ hair, and the braid or as we would call it a plait. Usually seeing this type of hairstyle with a woman of her age we would see tattoos. There is nothing wrong with that, but it is nice to see soft arms without any decoration.

Your thoughts turn to wonder what is on her mind. Is it something serious, or has she just drifted off into that place where there are no thoughts, whilst she awaits somebody.

A lot of people may have cropped out the legs, and what looks like the base of a statue or fountain, but I feel that would have detracted from the image as it shows her environment and that she is not just sitting alone, although she may be alone within her thoughts, shutting the world out.

This is one truly beautiful image, and I am so glad Gisele caught it!

Cheeky Monkey
Cheeky Monkey

This shot is a classic “Being in the right place and the right time”. We’ve all been there plenty of times, but seeing it, having your camera ready to take the shot, and actually getting it, is another matter.

Instantly it makes you smile. It seems as though there is velcro on the the bottom of the bag and you wonder how long it was before she realises. How did she realise? Did her friend tell her? Did Gisele? It would be easier than a male photographer. Was it another member of the public or did it just come unstuck and sort itself out.

On seeing this shot brings back the memory of the famous 70’s shot “Tennis Girl”. So many people have tried copying it, but it was original and in a different era. It was also posed.

I like the fact that we only see to the girls’ shoulders. What we can see is anonymous, therefore we can laugh, as we are not laughing at the person, but the situation. You have to admit it is very funny.

It was a close call between this shot and the one above it which would be my favourite, but this has been since I first saw it.

Thank you Gisele for allowing me to use your photos on the Blog, and giving me such a stressful time culling them to 10.

To see more of Gisele’s work, take a look at her Flickr Photostream or Website

7 thoughts on “Featured Photographers – Gisele Duprez

  1. Thanks so much for featuring my photos! I really enjoyed seeing which photos you selected and the comments about each.

  2. Another well chosen photographer and images.

    First image: Butts on a bench? Even though there were only four of them I’m gonna give him eight butts on that bench.
    The Grumpy Cat is my favorite. Great expression.
    The Cheeky one at the end is a fine reward for carry a camera with him.

  3. Julián del Nogal

    Thanks to Wayne to allow us knowing Gisele’s photos….Gisele, congrats for your fantastic work…..”Police” is a masterpiece!!

  4. Another excellent street photographer… as she is from Brooklyn (where I will be in september), I looked at her photos with a great interest. I’t everyday’s life, but with such a good eye. I really love the compositions, (the bench, and the policemen are amazing…) but also the humour and emotions …
    Grumpy cat is such a funny and beautiful portrait, with the lovely bokeh, just enough to recognise the environment… I didn’t know Victor Meldrew, I went to see it on wiki, and it’s really him, haha !!
    I run immediatly to see Gisele’s flickr, thank you Wayne.
    Congratulation Gisele, your shots are excellents.

    • Thanks, Esther! I hope you enjoy your trip

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