Shooting the Sequence

I thought I would show the sequence of shots that led me to liking the Final Shot “Mobile Hairdresser”, in the previous post “Head On in Rome”, so much.

This is a reminder of the narrative of the shot:

“With the final shot of the Blog I was shooting in Piazza Navona, when I saw this man and boy with soaking wet hair and T shirts in front of me and a woman standing to the side. I assume they had been dipping their heads in the fountain. The man had some sort of grip in his hair. As I walked along the woman stood in front of the man and was laughing. I walked behind the man so I was looking directly at the woman. She looked up laughed even more and what a lovely fun shot it makes. She shrieked out and said something to her husband in a language I don’t know, and laughed even more. I lowered the camera and burst out laughing, waved to her and smiled before walking away.”

This is the first shot where I saw the man.

Mobile Hairdressers Model
Mobile Hairdressers Model

Then from behind the man and pointing the camera head on to the woman. Notice she has the mobile phone in her mouth so that she can do whatever with his wet hair.

Mobile Hairdresser with Phone
Mobile Hairdresser with Phone

Here is the shot I posted. Notice that she had to take the phone out of her mouth as she burst out laughing.

Mobile Hairdresser
Mobile Hairdresser

I think the sequence shows exactly why I laughed myself, waved and smiled.

Boy isn’t this one fantastic hobby! Or should I say “Way of Life!”

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2 thoughts on “Shooting the Sequence

  1. It certainly is ‘A Way of Life’ .

    When I was in stationed in Minden my mate lent me 10 Deutschmarks just so I could out for a beer with him even though I wasn’t in the mood. It was on that quiet Sunday night that I met a young German girl in the bar who is now my wife. A life changing moment!
    A bit like the day you favorited my mini people image which led to where I am now with street photography. Not one day goes by now without me thinking about street photography. It has changed my way of life and the way I look at people and my surroundings when I’m out and about at work or out with the family.
    It just never seems to get boring does it?
    Thank you for that small, but very significant, ‘life changing moment’.

  2. Well you can credit/blame me for that small very significant “life changing moment” relating to photography Grant, but with regard to meeting your wife, you’ll have to give credit/blame to your old mate! 🙂

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