Cardiff Bay – Enjoy!

A follow on from the previous post showing how well the Nikon D7000 and Nikkor 85mm 1.8D work together when shooting “Street”.

In the last post I converted all the images to Black & White. In this post there is a mixture of Colour and Black & White, and also desaturated images to show, as I feel, to their best.

Enjoying the Sun



Pure Enjoyment

The Young Photographer

Nice and Calm

On The Bench

Watching Me

I'll Protect You


Beauty and The Ball

Photographing The Sun

On The Fence

You want what?


Sitting With Daddy



Just Fun


2 thoughts on “Cardiff Bay – Enjoy!

  1. Nice series in the Autumn sunshine. I took a few shots round there as well. I used the canons for a focus project, but no attractive ladies.

    • justadmin

      Thanks Ian, but I think you mean Spring Sunshine. You must have your Australia head on. You’re not there yet!

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