Where am I going? (Part 11)

Part 11 – Still Enjoying the Products at the Sweet Factory

What you looking at?We had a day off from visiting the centre of Rome and visited the market in Pomezia. I published a post about the Traders. I concluded it with “I will make another post of the locals I saw there in the near future.” Well the near future never came, or maybe this is it. As with the other Rome shots, there are so many and I have to post as I go along, and there’s not enough hours in the day.

3 BeardsWell here are some of the locals. It was a typical small town market as we would see in the UK but a lot healthier. What I mean by that is that there were so many stalls, and not just selling junk and pound shop items, but food, as in butchery and fresh fruit, clothing, cloth, household items, in fact almost anything you could need. I remember when Pontypridd & Cardiff markets were like that.

Baz and I went for a little wander around the small town, but it seemed everybody was at the market because it seemed deserted, so not much to shoot. I did however get this shot of the Town Hallm and it was only when I was browsing the images that I spotted the little kid on the steps, which made me laugh and gave me the title.

On the Naughty Step
On the Naughty Step

Back to the centre of Rome.

Opposite the fountainAs I understand it, there is always renovation work going on in Rome. I think I may have been lucky as some of the sites had been having renovations for many years, but were completed. However the Fontana di Trevi is having renovation work. Well it didn’t seem to be the fountain itself, more the building behind. As a result the fountain is screened off. Pizzas All RoundIt is a clear screen so you can see the fountain, but you are unable to sit around it. You have to follow a walk way bridge that passes in front of it. You could see people walking along the bridge trying to take shots, but it is a constant flow, so it is a quick snap and move on.

Just OrderingThe Fontana di Trevi is one of the most famous landmarks in Rome, so gets very busy. With all the renovation work, there is even less space, so shooting wasn’t very easy, but I did manage to get a shot of the man above.

All the streets leading to the fountain are quite narrow, or seem to be due to the sheer volume of people passing through them, and every other building seems to be a restaurant, so the sides of the streets are lined with tables and chairs. It is really bustling, but good natured, and quite loud in places.

More Pizza?
More Pizza?

Chillin' on the Pillar
Chillin’ on the Pillar

Teaching the Youngster

From the Fontana di Trevi it was only a short walk through those narrow streets to The Pantheon.

I published a post on the inside of The Pantheon, but there was so much going on outside. With all the other shooting I’ve done this year I never got around to posting the shots from outside.

The Pantheon fronts onto the Piazza della Rotonda on which stands the Fontana del Pantheon. It is very busy with so many people taking photos there and using the water of the fountain, and the drinking water fountains, to cool off, and refresh, then sitting in the shade of The Pantheon. These shots were all taken in the shade of The Pantheon, a welcome relief from the heat of the sun.

Brushing up on the Knowledge
Brushing up on the Knowledge

I have said many times previously about staying in one place and letting things come to you. Due to the heat and also on your feet for so long, it is nice to sit in a cafe, have a drink and a bite to eat. Ensuring your camera is accessible at all times.

Sit and Consult
Sit and Consult

Catching Up
The shot above was a woman sitting on the next table in a side street cafe, as is the shot of the girl on the left, although at a different cafe.

The shot below was harder to get as the shop was across the street, with people walking past all the time. IT was some sort of posh mushroom shop. I’m not into my food that much so wouldn’t really know. I think it was also linked to a restaurant somewhere. In all the time we were at the cafe she didn’t have any customers.

Waiting for Customers
Waiting for Customers

Some of my best shots came from the quieter areas of the City. Don’t get me wrong, I got so many great images amongst the crowds and thoroughly enjoyed it, but at times with the sun so hot and in need of some shelter and a cooling drink, instead of visiting a cafe we sat where we were and we got some great images, just allowing things to come to us.

These shots from the steps of one of the buildings in the Piazza del Campidoglio are a good example. I am posting all these “Step” shots larger as I think they deserve it. Don’t forget to click on them to see them larger.

Over the shoulder
Over the shoulder

I saw this girl at the base of the steps and didn’t crop the left so you could see where Baz and I sat in the shade. After we sat down she sat on the steps with her friend and they took some shots of each other you can see one of those shots here.

Where are we?
Where are we?

As we sat against a wall in the shade at the base of the steps we noticed the couple sitting outside the building.

Just Entering
Just Entering

A fine figure of a woman was just about to enter the building.

Looking Back
Looking Back

You may have seen the woman looking over her shoulder in Baz’s stream on Flickr. It is a beauty, and is shown by over 5,000 views and 100 favourites.

In the smoke
In the smoke

I really like this one, and one of the reasons is that Baz didn’t get a shot of this girl. The smoke gives a different effect, a sort of waft, as she half ran down the steps.

Yer 'avin' a laf
Yer ‘avin’ a laf

The shot above had both Baz and I in stitches of laughter. I captured it on the Piazza Navona. We had been out for a good few hours and saw a space on a bench. The benches are wide and people sit either side so they are back to back. I was this woman come near us in a group, with make up and a lot of jewellery on and wanted to get a shot of her, but she went around the back of us and then sat down, sitting behind Baz. We carried on looking around, then I saw my opportunity and span around to my right and got a shot off. There is no cropping of the shot, this is as shot. The blur to the right is the person who was sitting behind me and to her right.

Her: “Yer ‘aving a laf” in a strong London/Essex accent.

Now this was a shock as we were sitting in the Capital of Italy with all these nationalities around us.

Me: “I had to get a shot, as I could see my reflection in your sunglasses.”

Her: “That’s OK then, I wondered what you were up to. I thought you were taking a photo of me!” Starts laughing and turns back to her group.

Baz: “Now that was a good one, I’ll have to remember to use that one!” Both of us tried not to laugh too loudly.

Moral of the story: Get your shot whatever it takes and think on your feet. Oh, and have fun doing it.

I will leave you with this image. This is how I remember Rome in my imagination, as it depicts it so well. There was no way I was going to convert this to B&W.

Red Over Rome
Red Over Rome

What did I learn from this trip?

Baz & Mrs Baz are lovely people and have become good friends.
It was great to shoot with Baz as we became a partnership and also allowed each other to wander off to shoot alone.
How many “keepers” I got from the trip.
I’ll have to ask Baz if we can visit next year!

5 thoughts on “Where am I going? (Part 11)

  1. ça valait vraiment la peine d’attendre pour avoir ces autres photos de Rome. Ces images reflètent la douceur de vivre, la chaleur du soleil Italien, les jolies filles, et surtout le regard des hommes sur les jolies filles ! j’adore “in the smoke”, quelle belle composition, tout en restant assis tranquillement en bas des marches. La contre plongée est parfaite ! je comprends que tu aimes la dernière photo, c’est aussi ainsi que je me rappelle Rome, dans cette belle lumière.
    (Sorry it’s late and I can’t speak english fluently at this hour ! )

    • Thank you so much Esther. I glad you agree.

      I used Google to translate what you said.

      it really was worth the wait for additional photos of Rome. These images reflect the sweetness of life, the warmth of the Italian sun, pretty girls, and especially the male gaze on the pretty girls! I love “in the smoke,” what a beautiful composition, while sitting quietly down the stairs. Against the diving is perfect! I understand that you love the last picture, it’s also how I remember Rome in this beautiful light.
      (Sorry it’s late and I can not speak English fluently at this hour!)

  2. “Waiting for customers” was great. I loved how the background was almost totally black and then you have this beautiful woman standing there, with the sun illuminating her lovely features.

    “Red Over Rome” is another interesting shot. I like your color work just as much as your black and white stuff. Red hair is just so beautiful and interesting because the majority of people are blondes or brunettes, so a redhead automatically catches a person’s attention.

    • That girl was staring at me a lot. Probably because I had the camera in my hand and was itching to get the shot.

      I love red hair. I think I will have to take a trip to Ireland!

      Did you notice I put up another reason for shooting someone if they say something.

      • Haha. Yes, I did notice. Like Baz, I’ll have to remember to use that one sometime if things get awkward.

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