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Straatmoment is Hans Stellingwerf and hails from Holland. It was quite funny how we began contact. I received a message from him on Flickr, apologiing for leaving comments on my photos in Dutch. He hadn’t realised at first that I was from Pontypridd in Wales, thinking I was Dutch due to the sheer number of photos I had posted on Flickr from my trip to Amsterdam.

I’m glad he did as I was then aware of the great Street Photography he takes and shows on his Flickr Photostream.

I have noticed that Hans has a very similar style to myself. Keeping things uncluttered and liking the close up as well as the scene. Maybe that is why I like his work so much.

All the photos in this post were taken by Hans and are copyrighted to him. © Hans Stellingwerf


OK, I’m a sucker for pretty girls, and these two are really pretty. It looks as though Hans has jumped in on somebody else’s shot. I do that regularly. What makes this one stand out for me is the contrasts in the two girls. The blonde is all wrapped up with sunglasses, whereas the dark haired girl looks a lot more casual.

Smiles Here!

Lord of the Rings
Lord of the Rings

This guy is some character. With his rings on either hand, long hair, tattoos and ear plug, to me goes against the old ways of pipe smoking. We are in Holland though, and I know pipe smoking is looked on differently to the UK.

Excellent Capture!

Bring Me Home
Bring Me Home

This shot reminds me so much of my visit to Amsterdam. I had never seen bicycles like this before, and seeing the first one seemed so amazing. Then I saw another, then another, then you realise they are everywhere. Instead of women pushing their children in buggies, they just strap them in the box with a harness, and off they go.

What I really like about this shot is the half smile and the way she looks to be enjoying the ride, and the people behind creating the bokeh.

Are You Experienced
Are You Experienced

This is the type of shot I really enjoy taking myself. Side on, in close. I would be proud to call this one of mine.

The shot is so clean. Focus is so spot on, with a great bokeh.


Modern Girl
Modern Girl


I was going to leave it there, but thought I better explain why I thought “Wow!” This girl is stunning, and the shades add to her beauty. The glimpse of the tattoos, along with her hair shaved at the sides, gives a small insight to her character.

It gives great pleasure when you see a beauty like this and get the shot spot on.

Wow! again.

Somebody To Love
Somebody To Love

This is a fantastic shot. there is no need to show the people in full. It dispels myths that people who dress like this and have tattoos, are aggressive and don’t show any love or emotion.


I Wanna Be Your Dog
I Wanna Be Your Dog

Anybody who follows the Blog knows that I love these shots of dogs with no legs. This is the first I’ve seen where someone has a DSLR as well.

It must be a bummer when it rubs its wet nose across the lens glass!

All Good Books
All Good Books

This is a great shot. It seems so unbelievable, the way the girls are sat on the books, with others scattered over the ground, and they just carry on reading.

It is taken at Spui in Amsterdam which is where I shot the Book Market shots. It is great to see, and that is how I felt at Spui, that books are not dead and technology hasn’t taken over. With places like this, children will also enjoy the love of books.

Oops..... I Did It Again
Oops….. I Did It Again

I know what Hans is implying by this shot, even though he does say in the description that it’s not, I couldn’t help thinking it myself. On first look I was reminded of those urinals I saw in Amsterdam, where the user stands in the middle of the street and is covered around his middle, but you can openly see his face and legs. I expect it is nothing for inhabitants of Holland and some other European countries, but I can guarantee a huge outcry in the UK if they were ever installed here.

This shot shows how juxtaposition in Street can give funny or ironic images. Seeing the image and getting your position correct is not always easy, but Hans has certainly managed it here.

When you look at the image in more detail you also notice the guy sitting on the right and it gives the image a totally different context.

I even read the wording on the advertising wrongly at first glance as I took in the image!

All Alone
All Alone

This shot is by far my favourite of all Hans’ shots. It is also one of my favourites on all of Flickr.

It personifies childhood and the relationship of mother and daughter during the nurturing period. Allowing the little offspring to go on their own, but being there right behind them.

The low level that Hans has taken this shot, at the little girls height, shows it is all about the little one on her bike, she is spot on in focus. Her smiling mother behind, is slightly out of focus, bringing your eyes back to the little girl, but knowing mum is not far behind.

Add to that the shades of a cool dude!

One Fantastic Image!

Did you notice that Hans uses Music Titles as the Titles of his shots?

Thank you Hans for allowing me to use your photos on the Blog.

To see more of Hans’ work, take a bit of time to look and admire his Flickr Photostream

3 thoughts on “Featured Photographers – Straatmoment

  1. another great photographer. I understand why you like these photos, you could have take them. The last one is lovely, for the reasons you explain.

    My favorite is “somebody to love”, I like so much this close-up, no need to see their faces. I could have take it and I would have been proud of it !!

  2. Ha, I’m the Hans from the photo’s above and I already thanked Wayne for these photo and his great lay-out,
    it’s fun to see my photos here and I also hope, the visitor here like it:-))

    Wayne, again, thanks for this, it’s so well appreciated ! !

    And Esther, I hoped, Wayne would show “Somebody To Love” because that’s a big favourite for myself too…..

    Friendly yours,

  3. I really like Hans’ style as well. With each new photo, I kept thinking, “I like this one best. No, I like this one best.” They really are amazing. I really like “All Good Books” since I’m a lover of books as well.

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