Cool Cats? No, Hot Dogs!

Photographs or watching people eat is mostly not very nice. Unless that is, it is a gorgeous redhead eating chocolate seductively. Well my opinion anyway. You got that image though didn’t you. On the other hand it can also be quite funny, especially if you can think up good titles, which gives an excellent slant on an image.

Whilst shooting in Cardiff before the Wales v Fiji Autumn Rugby International, I decided I would get some shots around the German Sausage Stall in Working Street.

This guy was going full on, trying to get in as much as possible without spilling any.

Get in there my son!
Get in there my son!

The German Sausage Stall is in Cardiff for the time leading up to Christmas. It is a godsend on Autumn days when there are big crowds to watch the Rugby. It is a good place to shoot, but with all that cooking going on it gets very smokey, as you can see behind these guys.

Out of the way it's me he wants to shoot.
Out of the way it’s me he wants to shoot.

He may have his own, and probably does, but like so many people he was just struggling to eat it without spilling it all over himself.

I wish I'd put my teeth in.
I wish I’d put my teeth in.

Seeing the way this woman was looking really made me smile. She seemed to be the only person in the area who wasn’t eating or drinking. Looking down at the hot dog of the guy says it all.

That looks absolutely disgusting!
That looks absolutely disgusting!

I was wondering if these girls were from a synchronised swimming team.

All together now
All together now

It always surprises me when people only use one hand to take a shot. Sometimes it is hard getting the shot using two hands. But hey, maybe there was something she had to get the shot of, even though she was eating, and I know most of us have been there.

Glad she put the right one to her eye
Glad she put the right one to her eye

The title for this came from what I was thinking when I took the shot. “If it rings, how’s she going to answer it?”

Sh*t my phone's ringing!
Sh*t my phone’s ringing!

You can see how smokey it is again in this shot. To be honest, I don’t know what these women were looking at, but it gave rise to a few titles for it.

He's a hot looking lad.
He’s a hot looking lad.

I didn’t really have to think about a title for this as it is obvious!

H.. H.. H.. H.. Hot!
H.. H.. H.. H.. Hot!

3 thoughts on “Cool Cats? No, Hot Dogs!

  1. Funny post, and a big fav for the girl with the camera, excellent title !!

    • I’m glad you liked it Esther. Shows the British & French humour is not as far apart as people say.

  2. You can even make shots of people eating, which is usually a less than elegant or photographic opportunity, look great. My favorite shot by far has to be “Sh*t my phone’s ringing!” just for the title alone. I’ve said it so many times, but it’s like people cannot detach themselves from their phones and tablets.

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