My Favourite Shots – #2 Lovely Smile and Beautiful Eyes

I started this series with Bloemenmarkt Blonde a while ago. With so many posts since I thought it was time to continue the series. What better shot to continue with.

Lovely Smile and Beautiful Eyes
Lovely Smile and Beautiful Eyes

Why is this one of my favourite shots? I find it a joy to look at. She is a very pretty woman and the smile is infectious. Her look into the camera is a dream, and even more so as it is totally candid. The composition with her to the right going out of the frame, so much better than being right in the centre. It gives that feel of magazine shots where they deliberately crop off. If I had posed this shot I would have been very happy with it. As it was on the hoof in the street, so to say, it makes it all the better for me.

When I shot this I instantly knew it was going to look good, even though I knew it was almost too close to focus. This is almost as shot except for a small crop to the top due to lights behind. (The original is below).

I was in Cardiff Centre with Ian before the Wales v Fiji rugby match, and shooting people around the German Sausage Stall, that I used in the previous post. We were staying in the same small area, and scanning around us, when I noticed this lady getting a shot.

Glad she put the right one to her eye
Glad she put the right one to her eye

I then spun around looking for another shot and saw these two ladies, and lifted the camera to shoot them.

He's a hot looking lad.
He’s a hot looking lad.

As I was about to put the viewfinder to my eye, I saw the pretty blonde woman out of the corner of my eye walk past me from behind then turn to go back. I shifted the camera to the right and got the 1 shot. Yes! I knew it was a good one.

If you look closely you can vaguely see the two women with the hot dogs in the bokeh. As soon as I had taken the shot I recomposed and got my original shot of the two women, and checking the Exif I found it was 2 seconds later.

This is the original shot, no cropping, but as you can see there is a string of lights that were on the stall behind. If you look closely, in the bokeh you can just make out the two ladies I was originally composing for. The lights were so distracting, so the decision had to be made whether to crop or not, and I think I made the right decision.

Why not in Black and White? The colour brings out the smile and the eyes, and also the skin tone, so much more and the Black and White loses that in this case.

I could have also played with the skin tones to smooth the skin out, but hey, this is a real woman not a magazine photo!

Lovely Smile and Beautiful Eyes (pre crop)
Lovely Smile and Beautiful Eyes (pre crop)

One thought on “My Favourite Shots – #2 Lovely Smile and Beautiful Eyes

  1. The woman in “Lovely Smile and Beautiful Eyes” is stunning. She has the most beautiful, deep blue eyes and the way her hair frames her face is so pretty. In my opinion, not many women can pull off bangs, but she can and they draw even more attention to her blue eyes.

    I think you made the right decision to not smooth out her skin. I always think that real people look so much better than these Photoshop versions that you see in the magazines. When I was going to graduate college and I had my graduation pictures taken, the photographer went nuts with the skin smoothing brush. Also, I was so smoothed out in the photo that I looked cartoonish. I much prefer the photo my brother took of me with his iPhone on my graduation day.

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