My Favourite Shots – #3 Catchin’ Up

We all know that photographs are visual memories and they hold so much power, triggering long lost memories. For so long though, photographs were put in boxes or stored away in albums and put away in the attic or the bottom of cupboards. Thankfully we now have digital copies of our shots, in digital libraries and online albums. Even then though a lot of shots are put into the digital album and stored away never to be looked at again. As you now I use Flickr and am fairly regularly resorting albums and reclassifying shots. This gives me the opportunity to see older shots, although this shot has never been far from my mind.

Catchin' Up
Catchin’ Up

I shot this in Keswick in the Lake District, UK. Irene and I had a weeks holiday there. The thing is, the Lake District is the English version of Wales as regards to weather. There was snow on arrival and it rained all week. So sitting in a nice warm and dry coffee shop, with my new 50mm f1.8 lens I got this shot. This was a long time before I ever did Street, November 2012, but I think it was where the liking for this type of shot started.

I added the black bars as I liked that at the time as it felt like it was the start of a film that leads you to the main characters.

This is what I posted in the description when I posted it to Flickr:

“Sitting in the coffee shop this man just quietly reads his paper in peace. I think that the modern coffee shops are becoming the new libraries. Somewhere to get out of the bad weather and read a free newspaper without anyone bothering you.

This photograph really means a lot to me. It was the first shot that really made me see the beauty of the 50mm lens. It is also a reminder of a time spent with my wife on holiday. The rain was hammering down, and after a day of photography with plastic bags over the camera’s, we found sanctuary in the warmth and dry of the coffee shop where we tried out new techniques with the cameras using the cups as subjects, and laughing. Memories!”

6 thoughts on “My Favourite Shots – #3 Catchin’ Up

  1. pete

    Lovely picture. Full of character.

  2. I love this post because it’s so true about pictures and memories. I was thinking about doing a post about my trip to Stuttgart Germany from August of last year. The pictures aren’t really my typical types of street shots, but they are meaningful and bring back lots of happy memories.

  3. I’m glad you liked it Tina.

  4. I love this shot too. It is a good memory for you, and a shared peaceful moment for us. As you said, it’s like the beginning of a movie,and it seems a typical English coffee shop for me.

    • Yes Esther you are right. It is that peaceful moment.

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