My Favourite Shots – #4 On the Bench at The Fringe

Sometimes you get a shot and when you open it you think WOW! and you pee yourself laughing at the same time. This is one of those shots

On the Bench at The Fringe
On the Bench at The Fringe

Irene and I visited Bath in early June. It was the first time we had been there for about 25 years. What a stroke of luck, it was the weekend of the Bath Fringe Festival.

We went to where a lot of performers were, and I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw these 3 fantastic characters and the obligatory dog, all sharing the same bench. I got off a couple of shots right in front of them and away I went.

What I like is that all three are staring straight ahead. The fact that the man on the the left and the woman are sitting at an angle makes the stares all cross, so none are looking at the same thing, or even in the same direction.

The man in the middle has a cracking beard, which gives him a look like Gandalf, and is staring straight at me. I like the way he has his legs crossed with his hands resting on them, just like a pose, and gives an air of confidence.

The man to the left looks a lot more dishevelled, old boots, and no shirt. He is sitting so upright and not slouching. He seems to be sitting so tight into the corner of the bench. I look down and see his carrier bag and wonder what it contains, maybe the odd can of beer?

The first thing you notice about the woman is her eyes open so wide. Like the man with the long white beard, she doesn’t look so dishevelled and you can see the painted nails. Her hair is plaited and she has plenty of necklaces & rings, and a bracelet which has little trinkets on it. It is her dog, or so we can assume as she is holding the lead. But it is her wide staring eyes that keep attracting yours.

I try to work out who is with who, and think that it may be the two on the right and the other is a friend or acquaintance due to their appearance.

The last thing that enters my head is did the two men swap jackets or trousers as it would make a camo suit!

It is amazing though, when you are looking and focusing the shot, how much information your brain takes in. I think to capture any one of these characters would have made a good shot, but to capture all three in one hit makes it a great shot!

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