A Short Time in Ponty

I took a trip into Pontypridd on Friday with the EM5. The first opportunity to get out for a while. Still getting to grips with the EM5 and I think it will take a while to get up to the speed I can achieve with the Nikon. You can see how long it took me to focus as this guy was looking into my eyes when I first tried to get a shot of him.

A Russian in Ponty?
A Russian in Ponty?

Nah, I just thought it represented the weather. It was biting cold in the wind but not raining for a change.

There were quite a few people around as it is near to Christmas, but most seemed to be rushing about, which isn’t usually the pace in Ponty. I did manage to find a few people not in so much of a rush.

It's a Tortoise
It’s a Tortoise

I’m sure this guy was fed up of people asking him what type of dog he has.

Across the pathway, was someone else who was chilled. I think any more laid back he would have fallen off the chair. I think he was a bit curious as to what I was doing.

Smoke Break
Smoke Break

Inside the Market it was very quiet. This lady was also curious as to what I was doing.

Outside the Market Cafe
Outside the Market Cafe

This lady was also taking her time going through the rails outside the Charity Shop, of which there are many, as there are in most towns in the UK.

Every Little Helps
Every Little Helps

This fellow was also chilling, just reading the notices in the Post Office window.

What's in the window?
What’s in the window?

The Stepped AlleyI took a little walk along Taff Street, the main street, and had a chat with one of the Hare Krishna monks, that I usually see in Cardiff. It was unusual to see him there. Heading into the lightHe said it is totally different as the people are so much more friendly, and not in so much of a rush to get anywhere. After that I stood at the bottom of the steps that lead back up to Market Street. It was really surprising how many people turned at the top to walk down the steps but when they saw me at the bottom carried on. I did catch a couple of people using them though.

I sat outside Greggs enjoying a pasty and a lady asked if it was OK to sit at the table I was at. I was just watching the world go by, and we exchanged pleasantries. I was raising my camera now and again to get a shot, and obviously she being in front of me…

I'm not photogenic
I’m not photogenic

“I’m not photogenic” she said, as she raised her hand. She was laughing, and not being negative, more like shy.

I'm really not
I’m really not

“I’m really not” she said as she turned towards me and raised her other hand as well. Still laughing. She got up and walked off saying goodbye as she did.

So it was lucky I had got this shot before she raised her hand!

Already Shot
Already Shot

It was really nice that our paths had crossed and she was a very pleasant lady to share the table with.

My favourite shot of the day though is this one in Market Street, especially in the conditions. It isn’t often nowadays you see someone sitting down and reading a book.

An Unsusual Sight
An Unsusual Sight

This shot was so hard as the sun was blinding, and all credit to the EM5, shooting straight into the sun, it produced this shot!

5 thoughts on “A Short Time in Ponty

  1. The woman in “Outside the Market Cafe” is like attack of the furry coats. I don’t know why they are so popular this year. Can they really be that warm?

    It’s nice that the woman in “Already Shot” laughed and played along. As street photographers, we all know how easily people can get offended when someone aims a camera their way. She seems very photogenic. A lovely personality can do wonders for their outside beauty.

    I’m really enjoying the pictures that you’re producing with the EM5. I think it was a great purchase. I think they’re just as good as the pictures you take with your Nikon and it’s a lot smaller and lighter to carry around for long periods of time.

  2. Hey Tina, that coat is not as good as your lady. She had a whole bear on her back!

    I thought she was very photogenic, and if her hands were not in the way everyone could have seen that too.

    My problem with the EM5 is that it is still new Tina. I’m so used to having the chunk that is the Nikon in my hand, that it will take a while to get used to it. Glad you’re liking the results though.

  3. Justard, I know now the difference between a big DSLR and the little brother, the EM5… it needs time to get used to it. And I appreciate even more your new photos !
    I think the other big difference is how people looks at you : with a big DSLR, people can be wary of it, much less with a smaller camera …
    I love the last shot, the light, the subjet, the compo, and the blurry background are excellents. Were you far from the yound lady ?

    • I agree with people being wary of big DSLR’s. If they do notice the smaller cameras and point and shoots, they probably just assume that it’s a tourist just taking random shots of the city.

  4. I agree with everything you say Esther. I am looking for the weather to break so I can play with it more and get it set up to the way I like it. It is very small in the hand, but you may find that better. My fat fingers have trouble working through all the buttons, and my memory is not as good as it was in remembering what each one does.

    I was sitting on the same type of bench as her and was 7.3m away. The man outside the cafe I was 7.9m away, and the 3 shots of the lady covering her face, I was 1.4m.

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