My Favourite Shots – #5 Always a Pleasure

This shot is one of my most favourite shots of all that I took in Rome, and also one of my best ever shots of all the work I’ve done.

Always A Pleasure
Always A Pleasure

The girl is beautiful and coming towards me head on. I have the focus spot on and she is totally separated from the background. The fact that so much is going on in the background adds to the shot. I like the fact that the girl has shades on. So many people think that detracts, but we are in Italy here, and almost everybody wears them. This is real life.

I also feel there is a sort of cinematic effect here, where we are watching the star of the film walking along the street, and the people in the background are extras, and only there to add to the effect.

As I said in the original post I placed it in Head On in Rome,
“I gave it that title because I think that is what the expression is, “Never A Joy, Always A Pleasure”. Then again I may have it wrong.”

One thought on “My Favourite Shots – #5 Always a Pleasure

  1. Ann Levy

    Simple and unassuming…a beautiful shot!

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