First Post in 2015

On Thursday there was a break in the weather so I took the opportunity to get out and shoot, so crossed the border, (didn’t have my passport with me) to Bath. I had both the D7000 and EM5 with me, but I think that may have been a mistake.

At the Bus Stop
At the Bus Stop

Those of you that read the blog know that I like to try and follow a subject or theme for posts, but was finding it hard. There were nowhere near as many people in Bath as there normally are. This was probably due to the time of year, so a lot fewer tourists, and also the inclement weather.

Concentrating on me
Concentrating on me

Squeezed on the endAs the benches were so wet, it was only later as they dried out a bit that I was able to get some bench shots.
I could have used them but as there weren’t that many, and I’ve covered benches in the past, especially in Bath, it wouldn’t be a subject, but still gave a few to put in this post.
I also sat down at one point when I found a dry bit of bench, and got this shot of the guy on the next bench.

Own Little World
Own Little World

At the side of the Abbey most of it was in shade and I saw this couple on the bench, one of few that were occupied.

One Taken. One Vacant.
One Taken. One Vacant.

And this guy eating his pasty and it made me smile watching the pigeon just meandering, waiting for a crumb to drop, so he could have some lunch.

The pigeon wants some pasty
The pigeon wants some pasty

As I wandered towards the road I turned back and saw this woman who had sat in the line of the sun, and had leaned back to soak up its warmth.

Soaking Up the Low Sun
Soaking Up the Low Sun

Missing the Pretty Ones
Missing the Pretty Ones

I took a walk along the shopping streets and saw the girl above. Saving The WorldWhat a pretty face, but the chugger had let her go by in favour of the older lady. Watching these guys for a time, you can start to see how they work. It all depends on how busy a place is and how fast the people are passing. It also depends on the city or town they are in, the affluence of it. They are very good readers of people who are willing to give, as it’s not that obvious.
The girl on the left looked very cold, and I asked her if she was, and she said it was worth it as she was saving the world. Didn’t ask me for any money though! Maybe she read me, as I said they were good.

I can't see you, so you can't see me
I can’t see you, so you can’t see me

The woman above saw me as she walked along and did the usual thing that a lot of people do, avert her eyes, with a thought of “If I can’t see you, then you can’t see me.
What you the viewer can’t see as the shot is B&W, is that her whole outfit is purple. Rushing with the big bagsI know women would be pedantic and say that’s not purple, it’s some other shade or something that us men have never heard of, but to us men it’s purple. So by showing it in B&W you have to take my word that it’s purple.

The woman on the left was a sprinter in another life, she was speeding along. I don’t normally have blur in my shots, but it shows the speed she was travelling at.Coming around the corner

The girl on the right was just walking along listening to her music and as she came towards the corner of the street saw me and I think she was a little surprised. She could do with a new pair of trousers, but I suppose that’s fashion nowadays.

I walked along through the arcades, and saw the guy polishing the brass on the front of the shop. He was there last time I was in Bath, and Ian pointed out that he was doing the same when he was in Bath last year, hence the title I’ve given the shot.

Wondering when he's ever going to finish
Wondering when he’s ever going to finish

A final walk over to the front of the Abbey where students were queueing to go into the Pump House. I saw at the head of the queue what looked to be their Tutor, giving out instructions, and the dog came into view as if listening to her.

Even the dog is interested
Even the dog is interested

After the queue had gone in their merry way into the Pump House this pretty girl walked in front of the bench I was sitting on, and just happened to turn towards me. Not one to miss a shot of a pretty girl I got the shot.


This next shot may not be a brilliant one, but the story behind it amused me. It shouldn’t, as a similar thing has happened to me, and I bet a few of you.
I saw this guy standing holding this board and there were a group of what looked like Asian students. In front of him was a guy with a DSLR on a tripod and was directing the guy with the board. (If anyone can help I wouldn’t mind knowing what is written on the board.)


The Scene: The guy is standing with the board. I see him and I get a couple of shots, then stand to watch what they are doing. The photographer walks behind his camera, leans down, presses a button. “S**t!” “I charged that battery this morning!” Oh,Oh! You can see what has happened. He spoke to the group, and the guy gave him the board, and the students started walking off, followed by “I’m really, really sorry guys, I charged it this morning.” The students walked away as the photographer started packing away the camera and tripod, whilst all the time repeatedly mumbling “S**t, S**t”.

The Moral of the Story: Always take a back up battery, especially if you are going to shoot film.

Alone at the Cafe
Alone at the Cafe

I have taken a lot of shots of this cafe and there are always people outside, but I had to wait whilst this lady sat down as there was nobody around.

And finally, my favourite shot of the day, and the reason why I like shooting “Street”. You can stand back and watch things unfold.
I had seen this woman a little earlier, sitting on steps in a doorway. A couple of people had gone in and out, and had to step around her. She may have been asked to move on, because the next time I saw her, she was walking past the cafe in the shot above, shouting out. She wasn’t shouting that loud, as I could only make out a few words. “Tradition”, “Old”, “Antique”, and bloody this and that, and the odd S**t. She turned the corner and there was “Ye Olde Sweet Shop” or some other name, but you know the type of shop I mean. I found it so amusing and was smiling to myself. She leant in the doorway and shouted something, then turned walking away mumbling, then turned back towards the shop, and not noticing me, shouted “Old Sweet Shop”, then made the gesture and shouted “F*** You!” Then wandered off mumbling.

To You
To You

To explain my statement at the start. I still haven’t got used to hte settings of the EM5 due to not getting out much of late. So not long after starting to shoot, I wasn’t flowing, I changed over to the D7000. After a while I told myself that unless I use the EM5 and get used to its feel and different ways of operating I never will. So I put the D7000 away and carried on with the EM5. Like so many times, what started out slow, and even after coming home and viewing the shots didn’t seem such a good day. But laying them out in the post I am pleased with the results, and things can only get better.

Oh! I thought of a theme. “People in Bath”.

7 thoughts on “First Post in 2015

  1. Very interesting article Wayne, the last shot is just great, I think you just made her day. A friend of mine traslated what was written on the board and it says; “I just escaped from Wales and I’m so happy I ‘ve wet myself” great shot mate!!!

  2. Cheers Baz.

    I thought it was written in Italian!

  3. First of all, I can’t believe you took out two cameras. That must have been quite a juggling act. I struggle enough just with my monster DSLR. Well it’s always good to have choices. 🙂

    The shot of the man eating his food while the pigeon is strutting around by his feet made me smile. Whenever pigeons are anywhere near me, especially if I have food, I either stomp my feet or clap my hands so that they go away. I always worry that they’ll fly away and poop on me.

    The shot of the woman with the tear in her jeans also made me smile. Maybe it’s the fashion, but aren’t her legs extra cold with that exposed skin?

    • Both were in my bag Tina, so only one out at a time. I prefer it though when I only carry the one with no bag, but I can’t let go of the D7000 as it is such a trusted friend.

      Loads of pigeons in Bath. There is the pigeon man there and he was the one who attracted the pigeons for the shot of the pair posing with them all over them. He gave them hand sanitizer when they finished, but I don’t know if they shouldn’t have had a shower.

      I remember many years ago, the fashion was to have ripped jeans, but people did that themselves. The ones nowadays seem to be pre ripped. You can make your own conclusions from that.

  4. I understand your feelings about changing from your big friend D7000 to your EM5… today I went for a walk with the EM5 and I felt sometimes frustrated… so I tried to go out with the Pentax in the afternoon. Result : I’m not satisfied with any of my pictures !
    I know it will comes, but it’s a strange feeling, like if I was a total beginner.
    But your pictures are great as always, whatever the camera you used… I like the young man on the bench, lost in his thoughts.

    • Yes Esther, that is what it is like, being a beginner all over again.

      I know it is us that needs to get used to using the em5, as we only have to look at Baz and Ian’s shots, and all the others who use the em5, to see what the em5 is capable of, and after all it is seeing their results that made us chose it.

      I think I could pick up a Canon or any other DSLR and after a short while with each have them set up and be flying along, but going to take a while I think.

      We’re off to Greece in July and I want to be totally up to speed so I can travel light.

  5. I hope 6 months will be enough to get used to the EM5 😉
    (I really hope)…
    July in Greece, and august in Roma ? great ! I really need to travel a little to see something new and become an EM5 expert !

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