Who Is She?

I was working through the shots I took at the Rugby International, and thought this was a lovely set of a pretty blonde girl. It is obvious where I was focusing.

Who is she? 01

You regularly get others in shot, especially when shooting amongst crowds, and you regularly get people looking to see what you are doing. I noticed the blonde woman behind in the shot above, but thought that would be fine. Then I noticed the top of her head in the second shot.

Who is she? 02

Then when I looked at the third I burst out laughing as she looks like she is straining to look over the guys shoulder. I don’t know if she was just curious or did want to get in the shot. If she’d have asked I would have taken a shot of her!

Who is she? 03

Normally I would have cropped the guy out as the pretty blonde girl was my focus, and the guy is not fully in focus, but hey the woman behind stole the show!

One thought on “Who Is She?

  1. That is a funny one, Wayne. I chuckled too. I wonder if she really was trying to get into the shot.

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