The Hula Hula Girl

I first saw Ellee performing with her hoop outside the New Library on the Hayes in Cardiff. I was with Ian that day and we both took the opportunity to sit down and get some shots.

We stayed a while watching and getting some shots of Ellee performing, and also enjoying the sunshine.

We then caught up with Ellee later, it was in Queen Street, where she was sitting taking a breather. We took the opportunity to speak to her, and Ian took a few shots. I asked Ellee, (well I did after I got the shot at the top of the post), if she minded her being my 15th Stranger for the 100 Strangers Project. She was fine with this. Ellee told me that she comes from Exeter in England, but now lives in Cardiff after coming via Bristol. Her day job is in a Call Centre. Oh how I know that feeling, like so many others, working to live but your passion is with doing something else.

We left Ellee and went for a coffee, and I was able to watch her perform from the coffee shop. How she does it amazes me. I’ve tried, like most people, and also like most people I manage the odd few turns before it falls on the floor. As you can see from these shots Ellee can do a lot more than that.

The shot above is typical of Street Photography where people walk across in front of you. Although I couldn’t complain, as I was shooting across the main walkway and there was a bit of distance between us, and it does get busy. I could see the guy walking along with the bike, and for once something a little bit arty paid off.

I took out the EM5 to get these three shots. Placing it on the ground and using the back screen to view and shoot. I think it gives a great perspective for shooting the scene. I also converted these to Black & White so it cut away the distractions of the street, namely the garish shop front signs.

It was nice to see so many people watch as they passed or even stopped. It was even nicer to see people dropping money into her hat. Quite a few people also stopped to talk, which is something you don’t see much with the musicians as they are usually singing, so they have to wait for a break, and as they say, time is money.

I would like to thank you Ellee for becoming part of my project. You are a very nice young lady, with a good sense of humour and attitude to life. You also helped me, as my project had stalled for a good while, but hopefully back on track. So an even bigger thank you.

One thing I forgot to ask Ellee was what she actually calls the ring. Most people call it a Hula Hoop, as I have referenced in the title, but I think they are referred to as Hoops or Rings. Maybe she will get in touch to put me right.

You can see Ellee and the others in my 100 Strangers Project by following this LINK.

6 thoughts on “The Hula Hula Girl

  1. You’re right about the artiness of the bike shot with Ellee. I like it a lot. The best shots are the ones we get by accident, right?

  2. Accident Tina?
    When they come off you can say they were planned! 🙂

  3. So you didn’t take the bicycle shot on purpose ? shut, don’t tell anybody, it’s a great one !

    • I did see the bicycle coming and knew it would come between us. I had the EM5 on the ground and using the back touch screen. I was pleased it had worked as the camera had to focus between the spokes so it is very hit and miss.

      So yes Esther, it was planned and luckily worked.

      Well done EM5!

  4. Hello there again Stranger 🙂
    Its me 😛 thought I’d get in touch, the pictures you took are fab :3
    And in reply – I just call it my hula hoop 😀 or just hoop for short!

    It was great meeting both you and Ian :3
    And its fab to be part of you 100 strangers project (I’ve already had a gander!)

    Hopefully we’ll meet again in good old colourful Cardiff

    😉 x

    • Hey Ellee, nice to hear from you.

      Will be nice to see you again, and no longer a stranger!

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