The Cardiff Eye

I was in Cardiff on Saturday and met Martin there. The sun was shining without a cloud in the sky, but very windy and cold in the shade, so we kept to the sunny spots. We were quite happily shooting away when I noticed the pretty girl below, so got a few shots.

Italian Beauty
Italian Beauty

I noticed she was with others as you can see from the very top shot. They seemed to be discussing something about the area.


They spoke to someone else who was standing around and it didn’t seem that the other person couldn’t help them.

Being the Knight in Shining Armour I asked if we could help.
They said the were looking for “Cardiff High”.
So Martin asked “Do you want Cardiff High School?”
They all laughed and replied “No, Cardiff High”
I then said “So you don’t want Cardiff High School?”
One of them replied “No, not a school, Cardiff High.”
One of them then made a gesture making a circle, Martin and I both clicked and started laughing. I replied “You mean like the London Eye?”
Cries of “Yes. Yes. Yes.”
Their faces dropped when we told them that there wasn’t an “Eye” in Cardiff, but everyone was still laughing about the confusion.

When all the laughter had subsided they asked us what interesting places in Cardiff they could visit. Everything we pointed out they had already visited, so they started looking on the mobile phone.


We started talking generally and they told us that the girls were from near Naples in Italy, and one of the boys from Mexico and the other was Spanish.

The one girl then shouted out something and the others rushed to her phone to see whatever it was she had found and they all burst out laughing. She had told them she had found the “Cardiff Eye”!

The Joke
The Joke

They then asked how they could get to the sea, so we directed them to Cardiff Bay, and as we did, a girl just happened to pass, giving out leaflets for the “Dr Who Experience” on the Bay, and told them they could visit whilst they were there, and gave them a leaflet.

As they were about to leave, Martin said something to the other girl and she lifted her sunglasses and I just had to get a shot.

The Other Italian Beauty
The Other Italian Beauty

It was a great experience meeting four lovely youngsters with a great attitude and a sense of fun.

Moral of the Story – If you want to have an enjoyable time come to Cardiff. Make sure Martin and I are there though!

2 thoughts on “The Cardiff Eye

  1. Reading your post gives me a big smile ! a sunny windy day (excellent for portrait of beautiful girls with long hair), smiles and humor everywhere, funny story of confusion, that you tell very well. The Cardiff High, oups, eye, was you in fact !! you’ve got the Cardiff eye for beauty 😉
    Lovely post.

  2. I’m glad the post brought cheer to your heart Esther. What a difference the sun makes to brightening everyones day.

    The you for the comment on the quality of my eye.

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