Corrupt SD Card

There are no photos in this post due to an SD card becoming corrupted whilst downloading to the computer.

On my return from Toulouse I had 4 SD cards as I had changed them after shooting different places and events. As I started the download of the second card, containing a whole days shots of the Victor Hugo Market and the May Day Labour Marches, I got the message after downloading 80 of the images, that the next image was unavailable. I hit skip, and same again for the next 644 images. What!

I looked at the directory on the computer and it just gave the drive letter. Clicking on the Drive Letter, a nag box came up saying the card needed formatting. What!

OK, let’s put it back in the camera. Inserted, switch on, “FOR” flashing! The card was not formatted.

A lot of swearing at this point, so I won’t say what I said for those with delicate ears.

Next step after a cup of coffee and a sit back and think, check out the internet. I found so many software programs claiming to recover lost photos. Most of them were saying that they recover files from formatted SD cards, but there were still so many claiming to recover photos from corrupted SD cards. I checked out a couple and chose one.

I downloaded the program and installed it. Followed the instructions and low and behold it had found the card and the number of files on it. I let it run and was able to click on a file and a preview picture showed the lost shot, and another. Yes, it was working, relief. After a long, long, hour and a half there were the files. I hit the “Recover” button, and there were the .NEF files in the folder I had created, all with the original file names. I clicked on the first one and Photoshop opened. Up came a nag screen, “Could not complete your request because it is not the right kind of document.” Looking at the file in the folder I saw that it was 32KB and not the full 18.32MB, and realised they were all thumbnails. B******s!

I left it for a while, then went back to the internet and found “CardRecovery“. They claimed to have an excellent success rate, and could get all the .NEF files from corrupted SD cards. So I downloaded the trial software program and set it all up. I ran it for 5 files and stopped it, but to see the images I had to pay for the registration. I was sceptical after the previous attempt but the Testimonials were so convincing I hit the Paypal button and parted with $40. Instantly the Registration Key came into my mailbox. I pasted it in and there were the 5 images. Clicked the first image and Photoshop opened up with the image bold as brass. I then opened Adobe Bridge and viewed all 5 images. They were there full size with all the EXIF info, and only the file names were different. Yes! Yes! Yes!

I started the program up again and let it run for the full card. One and a half hours later I had 1639 full size .NEF images. Every one of the 645 shots that I had lost, and also 994 shots from the Amsterdam trip last year that I had downloaded before formatting the card and putting it away.

I wanted to write this post as a thank you to the programmers of “CardRecovery“, and also so that anybody else who finds themselves in a similar situation, knows that all is not lost and there is help out there from a company that sells a product that actually does what it says it can. Also we all see claims that a product works, but for those that know me know that this is a genuine recommendation. Now I can get on with editing some shots to post and not stressing that a good days shoot is lost, and having to spend so much time sorting it out.

Oh, I thought I would put in a couple of the “lost” shots, to show it did work.


Why have you put those in your pocket?
Why have you put those in your pocket?

3 thoughts on “Corrupt SD Card

  1. OMG ! I was so so so sorry for you when I read the begining of your post ! I can imagine all the little words you said during this long long day expecting to recover your pictures.
    Thank you for sharing this experience, and the link to this company, they do a great work. I am happy to follow your blog, who knows ? it can happens to the best of us !!
    I am sure you will love twice more your pictures now.
    When I saw the picture :’bonjour” I smiled, thinking it is you kissing the programmers of CardRecovery 😉
    And you found a French man with a “beret”, bravo ! so funny !

  2. Esther you are so right about liking the shots twice as much, and yes the programmers do such good work in helping us out when things go wrong.

    You really made me laugh with your comment on the “Bonjour” shot.

    A Frenchman with a beret? There are not that many about anymore, but I caught a few.

  3. I’m so glad that you were able to recover your lost photos. I can’t even imagine how frustrating that must have been, especially considering the number of photos that could have been permanently lost. I have to bookmark the link to the program that you used in case I ever find myself in the same situation. The two shots that you posted were very interesting and it would have been a shame if you had lost them.

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