French Parking

French Parking
French Parking

I was leaning out of the window of our 2nd floor hotel room in Toulouse, just watching the world go by, when this mini pulled up on the road below. He started to reverse backwards into this parking space. I could see there was no way he was going to fit in as the gap wasn’t big enough.

Undeterred he still attempted it, so I grabbed my camera. He kept reversing and I was amazed when he kept going and bumped into the car behind, rocking it backwards. What amazed me even more that he moved forward and then reversed back hitting a second then, third time.

I had the 85mm on so grabbed my 18-70mm to get a wider shot.


You can see there is no way he is going to get in. What you can’t see in the shot is that the car in front has a tow bar fitted, which makes that small gap even smaller.

A woman came out of a bar and seemed to be helping him to fit in the space. I don’t know which one decided that it wasn’t going to fit. Actually I don’t think it was either. I think what stopped them from trying was that a car pulled out of a space behind the white car behind him.

His driving skills got him into the much larger gap. What I was surprised at was when he got out of his car, he didn’t even look at the back of it, or the front of the car he had been reversing into.

Loads of Room
Loads of Room

I don’t think his shiny Mini will stay scratch free for long if he continues trying to park in small spaces.

3 thoughts on “French Parking

  1. Funny story. I thought this behaviour was only in Paris. You did find a good use of your zoom !
    Speaking about gear, which camera(s) did you use during your trip, both of them ?

  2. I used both on the trip but only a few are with the Olympus.

    I mostly used the Nikon with the 85mm or 50mm.

    I have only posted 2 of the EM5 shots so far. 1 in “Beautiful Colours of The Capitole”. The shot “Against the Wall”.

    The other is the shot of The Capitole building itself. Which was actually 2 shots that I had to merge to get them in. Very pleased with how it came out.

    Will be more EM5 shots coming up.

  3. Wow. I’ve never even seen that in New York City. I wonder what would have happened if the owners of the cars he was ramming came out and saw what he was doing. You’d have definitely had a story and pictures for another blog post. 😉

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