The Lollipop Man

As I sat on a bench to rest my weary legs this guy came along with a basket in his hand. He approached the girl above and offered her a lollipop. He asked for money for what I believe was a charity, but I couldn’t hear properly from where I was sitting. She and her friends bought one.

The Lollipop Man
The Lollipop Man

He then approached the girl below. He had a bright cheery smile and although the girl rejected the lollipop she left him with a smile on her face.

She said "No"
She said “No”

This was another girl who rejected his offer, but this guy must have something to put a smile on their faces.

She also said "No"
She also said “No”

I got up from the bench and noticed he was walking passed a Street Preacher. As he did they started talking. The Preacher realised he was still on microphone, so switched it off. They didn’t seem to be agreeing on whatever point they were discussing, but parted amicably.

He definitely didn't buy one
He definitely didn’t buy one

2 thoughts on “The Lollipop Man

  1. His smile seems to work better on women, ever if they say no ! I like the expressions on each photo.

  2. You get men like that, they have a way with women! 🙂

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