Shooting the Beauty

When out shooting we see all sorts of different characters. They attract our attention for so many different reasons. It may be the activity they are engaged in, their stance, their location in relation to other objects. It could be something they’re wearing, such as a colourful hat or bright shirt, or the “uniform” of the genre they like to dress in, such as goth or punk and other cult fashion, along with the remaining hippies, maybe even just plain smart, there are so many others. It may be the body alterations such as tattoos or piercings. It could also be the look on someone’s face, their hair, the skin tones, or wrinkles.

I look out for all those as well as so many others, but the one I like best is beauty, and I don’t mean the fake, false, made up plastic beauty that comes out of a salon. The beauty that is woman. That can be soft skin, the structure of the face, elegance in the way a woman holds herself, or dresses, which transforms the way she looks. There is also the natural beauty that even age cannot deny. One thing that can transform a woman is laughter or just a smile.

We all have our own views on what makes a woman beautiful or what beauty is. It is not only skin deep, and sometimes we don’t even know why a woman is beautiful to our eye, she just is!

Turn of the head
Turn of the head

When I first saw this woman whilst in Bath I just had to get a shot of her. A lot of people were about and crossing and intermingling, but I got the shot at the top, and then she turned her head in the opposite direction and I got the shot I wanted.

I still focused on her to see if I could get a better shot when she suddenly turned her head and looked at me. Another shot with a different profile of this beautiful woman.

Eye Contact
Eye Contact

5 thoughts on “Shooting the Beauty

  1. You definitely have an eye for beauty. She is striking.

  2. Irene will be ever so pleased you said that! πŸ™‚

    That is why I couldn’t convert this to B&W, the colour shows her beauty so much better.

    • She would have been stunning even in B&W but you’re right. Color was definitely the better choice.

  3. You captured the moment and the beauty. She is beautiful and she has a style. And your lens can’t resist πŸ˜‰

  4. That’s right Esther, I allow my lens to choose the subject and capture it. I have no say, as I would prefer to take shots of old men! πŸ™‚

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