Along the Garrone

Wandering aimlessly through the streets I turned out of one street and saw this avenue of trees. I couldn’t see over the wall so walked over and saw the wide expanse of the River Garonne.

I saw the couple above looking out across the river. The tree lined street looks so beautiful and even though there was a road the other side of them it was one way and not too many cars, so quite peaceful.

I turned in the opposite direction and went down steps to the river bank where I saw this young couple having their lunch. There weren’t many people about at this time.

Déjeuner à la rivière
Déjeuner à la rivière

At this point I headed back to meet Irene in the Capitole, but we returned the next day, arriving from the opposite end of the quay. I saw this girl settling herself down on the wall above the river with the Pont Neuf in the background. It was a long way down if she fell.

La fille sur le mur
La fille sur le mur

As I walked on this young couple were also sat on the wall, where it turned back to the streets, with the Pont Saint-Pierre and the River Garonne in the background.

Qu'est-ce qu'il y a dans le sac?
Qu’est-ce qu’il y a dans le sac?

I walked over to the wall and leaned over to get this shot along the riverbank.

This is a University town, which dates back to 1229, so wherever you go there are so many students, but especially in this part of the City, as you can see in the shot.

A côté de la Garonne
A côté de la Garonne

I sauntered around the quay wall and saw this couple, sitting and talking on the corner of the wall you can see in the above shot. You can see the wide expanse of the Garonne with the buildings on the opposite bank.

Les yeux dans les yeux
Les yeux dans les yeux

I then went just passed the the girl and again leaned over the wall and got this shot of all the people on the river bank.

Sur la rive de la Garonne
Sur la rive de la Garonne

Raising myself back up I turned to the level I was on and got a shot of the guy looking over the wall. This is the same avenue of trees, Quai Lucien Lombard, that I had shot from the other end, the day before. It is just a beautiful avenue with the trees giving lovely shade, with the sunlight coming through. The atmosphere of it is so serene.

Marcher dessus de la rivière
Marche au-dessus de la rivière

Toulouse is a city that allows you to wander and just take your time. there is no feeling of rushing, apart from the locals on certain streets, and you get to take things in at leisure. I cannot wait to return as there is so much more to see.

8 thoughts on “Along the Garrone

  1. I have a major fear of heights so “La fille sur le mur” makes me nervous just looking at that girl. Good catch.

    The shot of the couple sitting on the ledge by the river is excellent. It’s the kind of picture that tells a story instead of the photographer having to explain what is happening.

    I thought the first shot of the couple sitting by the river was going to be my favorite but then I scrolled down a bit and saw the other couple and I think that one is my favorite. They really look like they only have eyes for each other.

    “Marcher dessus de la rivière” is a great shot. It’s a mix of street and landscape. I like it.

    • Tina I don’t know what it is with people being scared of heights. Saying that I am as well!

      It is perfectly fine looking over the wall as it is a good height to lean over, but as to sitting on it they are braver than me.

      I’m glad you like the shot of the couple. I like the way the light comes through her hair.

  2. MisterGC

    I second Tina on two accounts.
    I also have a fear of heights which I thought I could cure by doing two solo parachute jumps…wrrrrong!! :0)

    And the image that really stands out for me too, is the couple on the wall. Immediately I noticed the sunshine highlighting the edges of their bodies…really good shot. The bike in the corner also adds to the peaceful atmosphere instead of seeing any cars or buses rushing around. Another nice factor is that even though the image is not cropped around them but showing a large amount of the surroundings…..they are the only two in the shot. Their own ‘little World’

    The top image is a good one too…love the lead in (or is it leading) lines created by the bridge, path and trees homing the viewers eye in on the people.

    Big Like!

    • As I said to Tina, I am the same, but there is no way I would jump out of a plane. However I do have a cruel wife who bought me an aeroplane flying lesson which I enjoyed, but also a balloon flight. I made sure she stood at the edge of the basket and I stood behind her.

      Glad you liked that shot too Grant. The whole area is so relaxed.

    • I really liked the bike being in the picture, too. The whole scene kind of reminds me of something you’d see on a postcard. Very picturesque.

  3. I appreciate you used the french titles on your 2 last posts, it suits well to the pictures !
    Your choice of pictures , a large view of the background with people gives a nice atmosphere, a tribute to the Garonne.
    I really like “les yeux dans les yeux” for the same reasons Mister GC describes it.
    Do you allow me to correct the last title : marcher dessus de la rivière ? because it means that people are walking on the river, which I guess it is not really possible, except in the bible 😉
    “Marche au-dessus de la rivière” is OK . French is really complicated !

    • Esther I have been waiting for you to arrive, to correct my phrasing. You know I have a little, but putting sentences together is a different matter, so I am grateful for the correction.

      I have always been a Francophile. I love France and have visited so many times over the last 30 years. I would love to live their and to be able to speak the language fluently.

      Our holidays for the year are already booked so it will be next year before our return.

      I think you can appreciate the titles more than others as you don’t have to translate them.

  4. I have a lovely shot looking across the river. Sadly it was taken with my old Nikon 18 – 75mm. It looks beautiful, but sadly when editing it is showing smudges which must be in the lens. I have had a quick try at removing them, but they still show or the editing of them shows up.

    When I have time I will have a really good go at clearing them and post it up.

    Thank you all for your lovely comments, I feel my photography is heading in the right direction.

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