A Change after A Rest

I must apologise for the lack of Blog Posts. This is a result of feeling under the weather and feeling lethargic. I guess this happens to everyone at some time.

Added to this I had two weeks holiday in Greece. I have posted a few shots of the trip on Flickr and will get round to making some posts here.

You won't have any fingers left
You won’t have any fingers left

As you can see I haven’t been completely idle as I have updated the Blog. I had said previously that I wasn’t completely happy with the format as it didn’t show the images as large as I wanted and there was so much empty wasted space on the blog. Added to that I liked the black and white of the Blog, but over time fell out of love with so much black. I am a lot more comfortable with this style and as a result have also learned a lot more about changing the design. I will also be adding more content as time goes by.

A Selfie with Mum
A Selfie with Mum

I didn’t want to put up a post just to show the new design so thought I would incorporate shots that I hadn’t posted in the past. On looking through I was really pleased with the quality of the shots that I hadn’t used in the past. I think this happens to us all, as many people I have spoken to say they find the same. Whether it is the mood we are in when viewing the shots, or we’re looking for a certain subject or composition, they don’t hit the mark. Then when looking through on a different day, we realise there are a lot of shots that hit the mark.

Keep Talking
Keep Talking

All the shots above and also the one below were taken in Bath in April. It was a beautiful Spring day. What a difference to the weather here at the moment.

I noticed the piercings that the woman had, and also tattoos, but only when I was editing I realised that the tattoo on her upper arm is of Bath Abbey. Very appropriate, but an image you would have tattooed on your body?

Bath Abbey
Bath Abbey

The following shots were taken on Cardiff Bay in June. This was whilst the Extreme Sailing was on, so great opportunities for this guy, who was watching the racing when I got this shot.

Looking for the Shot
Looking for the Shot

With the following shot I had to take a step back as I was so close, so there is no cropping at all.

So Close
So Close

The following two shots were taken in front of The Senedd. There is so much opportunity for shots as so many people sit on the steps leading to the building.

Enjoying the Sun at The Senedd
Enjoying the Sun at The Senedd

You can see how good the weather was on this day too.

Filling in his Pools Coupon?
Filling in his Pools Coupon?

I thought what a great shot this is. I also have a shot of the guy turning around, and another of her turning round, but when they moved off they were alongside each other. We sometimes can’t get the exact shot we want, but hey, when you get one like this it really pleases.

Viewing The Bay
Viewing The Bay

Feel free to comment on how you find the layout of the Blog, and also of the preference between this and the last layout.

Off now to get another post done!

13 thoughts on “A Change after A Rest

  1. I absolutely *love* the new theme and layout. What kind are you using?

    “A Selfie with Mum” is really sweet because it reminds me of me and my mom. You captured a really nice moment.

    With tattoos, I see a lot of questionable tattoos. Whether it be sports teams’ logos or whatever. I guess tattoos are personal to the person. I’ve been considering getting one for a while. I’m fascinated by her piercings. A cheek piercing and a chin piercing.

  2. Ahhhh, our Justard is back !! I saw a few pictures of Greece on flickr, so I know you were back from holidays. Hum, I think you took your Nikon with the 85mm in Greece, right ? I thought you wanted to travel lightly 😉

    Wayne, I’m like Tina, I *love* your new blog. Really. The pictures are beautiful on this size, and the white page is much more better for me. And of course, I have the same question : which theme are you using ?

    A bunch of lovely pictures, as always, clear and interesting. I like a lot the post-editing… a few pictures in your previous posts were a little bit too dark for me (but it is only my opinion)
    I especially like the young woman of “enjoying the sun” for the “pure” compo… Viewing the bay is great too, as one says, “love is to look in the same direction” !
    Good job on the blog, and happy to read it again !

  3. Thank you very much Ladies.

    I took both cameras in the end, but only took about 10 shots with the Olympus. I think we may part company soon. I’m undecided whether to take it to Rome, but it may be a good idea as I can sit down with Baz and he may give me some tips. There are a few things that don’t work for me compared to the D7000 which feels like an extension to my arm.

    The theme is Pure & Simple. I have customised it to suit me, but if you want to install it I could help with customisations that I have picked up. You may want to change your colours to have pink Blogs! 🙂

    It feels good to be back on it, and will be catching up on both your blogs.

  4. Pure and Simple. I have to make a note of that. I’ve been wanting a new theme for a while but haven’t really found anything I like as much as my current theme.

    Even though you might sell your Olympus 10, I think it’s good that you bought it. You tried it out, stuck with it, but ultimately decided that it wasn’t for you. It’s better than wanting to get it and then not even trying it out to see if it works for you. I think you’re pictures are really good regardless of what camera you’re using.

  5. The E-M5 is a small camera, and I can understand why it is a bit difficult to handle it, the buttons are very small . I’m used to it now, and it starts to become the extension to my arm, but it takes time… and I don’t use the Pentax anymore, or just a little. If you switch from one to another camera, you have to memorise two different settings… well, if you come on the west coast of France, I will give you some tips 😉

    • Thank you for the offer and I look forward to meeting you one day Esther. Tina has already had the pleasure.

      There are direct flights to La Rochelle from Bristol, and we are looking to return to France next year, so you never know. Mind you the South also beckons and it is a shade warmer there! 🙂

      • I definitely had fun meeting Esther and Chantal. I hope one day they decide to come back to New York and we can do more photography walks together.

  6. MisterGC

    Oh yes, this layout is a lot better. I probably said the same about the last one :0) but you managed to get one where you can post larger images straight into the blog which is what you were after.

    I asked on flickr if what the woman at the Senydd was was sitting on was made of stone or wood…now I know. How tall are the people in Wales? how do they manage to get up those steps…they’re huge!

    As for the shot of the lady with the shrapnel wounds and Bazooka Joe tattoos…..oh deary me love, but hey everyone to their own. She’s probably a nice enough person and I shouldn’t judge by the looks of someone, however those piercings look uncomfortable to say the least.

    My fav shot of the blog is the couple from behind. I like the way his hair hangs down his back and her strap sort of matches that. Has she got long jeans on or what. I can’t see any shoes.

    As for cameras, good idea to see if Baz can give you any good pointers on getting into using the Olympus. I’m very happy with the A6000 but my D5300 is not happy with me….hasn’t been out of the drawer for about a month or more. And to mix it up a bit, I bagged a bargain on eBay a couple of days ago. A Canon AE-1 Program 35mm film camera with 3 lenses, a flash and some filters for €37. That should be fun…..I hope.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend Wayne and take your time getting back into the swing of things……but not as long as I did though eh ;0)

    • Oh No Grant, not another of my buddies getting these new fangled gadgets called “Film Cameras”. They all seem to get converted and deny they ever took shots with those inferior digital cameras.

      I can see why you like your new friend as the shots are excellent.

      As far as the steps go I will post a shot showing how long the Welsh Legs are and how they manage to get up the steps. I may even make a post of it! 🙂

    • Let us know when you start shooting with the film camera. I toyed with the idea of getting a film camera but I’m way too impatient and critical when it comes to my images. I’ll kick myself for not using the correct settings or whatever.

    • Oops. I just saw Wayne’s reply and see that you’re already using it. I hope you’re having fun!

      • I don’t think he is Tina. I was just joking as I have a friend, who may be reading this who went over to film and has denounced all digital! 🙂

        • MisterGC

          The postman has delivered!
          I’m no camera professional but by the looks of it the camera is in good order. All the light seals are still there, the knobs all turn with ease and the lenses are in very good condition. All I need now is a film and a spare hour.
          You will all be the first to see my efforts when they are done.
          Have a good week everyone.

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