Going Underground

Whilst in Rome we took my favourite form of transport. (I should really say it’s Baz’s new souped up car, but I don’t get any shots from that.)

Somewhere else
Somewhere else

If you look at the first two shots, you may only notice slight differences, apart from one being nice and clean and the other being covered in graffiti. Travelling on them though, there is a huge difference. The woman in the top shot is on one of the newer trains, and she is sitting quiet comfortably in the air conditioned carriage. The man is also in an air conditioned carriage. However, his air conditioning, is the open window. In over 35C heat, you hope that the train you are getting on is one of the new ones.

Hold Tight
Hold Tight

There is a draw back that I found with the Rome Metro. The trains run too frequently. What I mean by this is that I would have liked more time on the platform to get more shots, but it was never long until the next train came and time for us to go.

Baz is a regular Metro user, so he is like all the others that use it, they just want to get on the train. I know I would be the same if I was a regular user.

Checking out the Contacts
Checking out the Contacts

If Tina had shot this woman there would have been a comment about people standing on the Subway steps instead of climbing them and getting out of the way to use her phone. Tina is also a regular user of the Subway in NYC, so like Baz, is less tolerant of people on the underground. Me, I only use it on holiday, and with my camera in my hand am a lot more chilled.

Phone Home
Phone Home

The lack of the shorter lenses due to the breakdown of the EM5 really came home when getting shots whilst travelling on the trains. I was really looking forward to using the tilting touchscreen. However, as the old saying goes, and I don’t know who said it, “The best camera is the one you have with you”. So using my trusty D7000 & 85mm I got these following shots whilst on the train, with the camera on my lap, and having to use hit and miss, with a much louder shutter.

The woman never took the bag off her lap so I was very pleased to get this shot.

Hiding behind the bag
Hiding behind the bag

The woman in the next shot looked stressed. She was sitting quietly when an older man sat opposite her and began talking to her. I couldn’t understand what they were saying as they were speaking in Italian but she didn’t seem comfortable, as the expression on her face shows. He got off the train a few stops before her, so I was pleased about that.

Being Hassled
Being Hassled

This woman had previously been texting away with a big smile on her face. It was such a happy sight. Sadly my angle of shooting was not as good as it could have been. So this shot is one that I did get and she has drifted off somewhere.

Far Away
Far Away

My favourite place though was when we were on the station. Watching a packed platform and then a train arriving. It leaves and there is nobody. Then watching it quickly fill again.

The best time for any photographer is just after a train has left, and the platform is clearer, so enabling you to get shots like this one.

Choosing her music
Choosing her music

The next shot though was just as the train was pulling up. The woman had been been looking the opposite way for the train to come, but as it came alongside her head turned to look at the carriages. Thank you.

The train's arrived
The train’s arrived

I saw this woman on the opposite platform, but each time I tried to get a shot someone walked in front of her or in front of me. I was so pleased when everyone cleared and I got the shot just as my train came to the platform.

Our eyes met at Termini
Our eyes met at Termini

The final shot gave me a big smile. Kids and mothers are the same all over the world. I have no idea what he had done or what she thought he was about to do, but the wagging finger says it all!

I'm warning you!
I’m warning you!

Apologies to Esther for the darker shots. It was pretty dark in places, but I promise the next post wil have much brighter shots!

6 thoughts on “Going Underground

  1. Martin Forde

    Some great candids Wayne in difficult lighting conditions – well done.
    (any news on the EM5 ?)

  2. Cheers Martin.

    The EM5 went into Jessops on Friday 4th. they said it would take 3 – 4 weeks, unless it was something simple and it would be back sooner, so just waiting for the phone call.

  3. With “Phone Home” you are too right. That would have driven me nuts if I was there. You know me too well by now. 😀

    I can sympathize with the woman in “Being Hassled”. I hate when complete strangers, specifically men, just start talking to me like we’re old friends. People just want to be left alone while they’re going about their daily lives.

    “The Train’s Arrived” is a great shot because it shows daily life in a city. The woman looking at you is the cherry on top of the sundae. I like how the people in the background are blurred enough to put the focus on the woman and to show that there are other people on the platform.

  4. You did a gread job with difficult conditions of light but also because you had you big Nikon, the noisy shutter and a 85mm, which don’t allow you to take larger frames. Furthermore, you had a friend who wanted to take the next train ! I am like you, I only use the subway in holidays, when I go to Paris or Barcelona, or … Roma. So I am not in a hurry and I can have time to watch people. But I don’t think I would have get the shots you did inside the train. Bravo for the portraits.

    I laughed when I saw the “phone home” picture, and I was also thinking about Tina just before reading what you wrote, that she would be upset with the woman in the middle of the stairs !

    I love the last one, with mother warning her son, so nice scene. The people around adds interest to the picture, they don’t care about the mum and child, one is yawning, the other one putting up her glasses… good choice of the 16/9 format, it’s like a movie scene.
    And your shots are not too dark.

  5. MisterGC

    I was laughing at your description of the poor guys air conditioning system in shot 2. That was funny and a very good contrast between the nice new trains and the crappy ones.

    The best shot of all is still the last one, as I mentioned over on flickr, how the other people just don’t care what is going on around them. Really good shot indeed.

    I only spent about 20 mins at the train station last weekend when the rest of the family were going home and I was buzzing. There is something about trains stations…..it’s like another world sometimes. I’m looking forward to going back there soon for a shoot on my own where I can mill around and snap away until my heart is content.

    Your processing is very good too…..very atmospheric.
    Nice job all round mate.

  6. Just a quick answer guys for obvious reasons.

    I was right about the “Phone Home” shot.

    Thank you also for the good comments on other shots. I will return at a future date to give more detail.

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