The New Addition

After a long period of thought I purchased a new addition to my Photography Arsenal. My New Nikon D750.

D750 & 24-120mm f4
D750 & 24-120mm f4

I had debated between the EM5 & upgrading to Full Frame last year. In the end I decided to go smaller and purchase the EM5 as a kit last December. My thoughts being that the EM5 is mirrorless and so a lot different to the D7000, as that is a DSLR. It took a long time to get used to it and on a few occasions I was tempted to sell it. Then something clicked and I was enjoying the fun of it.

However in the back of my mind was always the D750. Well with the go ahead from Irene I purchased it on Friday, just in time to get to Cardiff to try it out with the last 2 games in the Rugby World Cup in Cardiff. Boy was this so much easier to adapt to than the EM5. The D7000 had become part of my arm, so attaching the 85mm to the D750, straight away it felt right. I set it up the same way as the D7000 and was ready to go.

Here are a few samples of shots taken with the D750. Although I have put a shot of the New D750 with the 24-120mm Lens attached, all the following shots were taken with my trusty 85mm.

The girl looks a little concerned as she turns towards Cardiff Castle, maybe wondering where she has to go.


There are always lots of people dressed up to go to the rugby matches. So many pull weird faces when they see the camera.

A Whacky Ardentinian
A Whacky Ardentinian

I don’t know why this woman has such a frown, it wasn’t due to me honest, as I noticed her frowning before I lifted the camera. Maybe it was the thought of having to get through such a huge crowd.

The Frown
The Frown

This Irish supporter was making his way to the game, probably with the same thoughts as all the other supporters, that this was a game they had to get out of the way before they proceeded to the next round, but it wasn’t to be.

A Proud Irishman
A Proud Irishman

I really like the separation and clarity the D750 gives, and the images are so sharp. I’m really looking forward to getting out shooting again.

15 thoughts on “The New Addition

  1. MisterGC

    Oh wow! I’m really chuffed for you…how sharp are those shots? The last one is just fantastic….detail, colour and separation. No wonder you can’t wait to get back out there.
    You have fun mate and enjoy it!

    • Even though the D7000 is a brilliant camera, I can certainly see the uplift in quality of the D750.

  2. The man pulling the funny face is a great shot and made me laugh but my favorite has to be “Concerned” because you captured her with a great expression on her face and also because of the separation between her and the background. I’m glad that you got another camera and seem to be enjoying it. I look forward to seeing what else you put out with the new “toy” 😉

    • It’s great when people like different shots.

      Now I have a challenge as we both have Full Frame with 85mm lenses. 🙂

      • Is that a challenge, Wayne? 😉 I accept!

        • If I had a gauntlet, I would throw it down!

  3. OMG ! your new toy is terrible : we can see each hair beard of your portraits ! I hope I will not cross you in the streets, I would not like to see my wrinkles throught your pictures 😉
    Joking aside, you’ve found the worthy successor of your D7000.

    • I am going to come looking for you Esther. I don’t believe you when you say you have wrinkles. I will find out one day! 🙂

      • Don’t listen to her Wayne! Esther doesn’t have any wrinkles. If she does, you’d need a magnifying glass to see them.

        • Maybe I will have to wait a few years for Esther to get some wrinkles before meeting her to shoot the wrinkles. I bet those lovely smile lines is what she is calling wrinkles.

          • thank you both, you’re too kind 😉

  4. Benn Riis

    I also upgraded from Nikon D7100 to D750.

    Fullframe is in my opinion a huge step up.
    Combined with 24-70 mm. and 70-200 mm you are prepared for almost anything.
    The 70-200 mm. is such a versatile lens.

    Good equipment can’t be ignored.

  5. It is a noticeable difference Benn.

    I have the 24-120mm Nikon and the 70-200mm Sigma, so I can’t wait to see the results from that. A bit big to lug around in the street though.

    I can’t wait to get out with it again.

    • Benn Riis

      I also got the 85 mm. f/1.8 mm.
      But I hardly use it anymore.

      • My issue Benn is that I am now so used to primes, that I don’t find it so comfortable using zooms, but I will be trying the 24-120mm a bit more with the D750.

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