9 thoughts on “A Moment Through The Glass

  1. Really a big applause for all these wonderful pictures !
    I love the idea of the theme glasses and the way you have presented in this book. It’s really nice work !!!

  2. MisterGC

    Oh Wayne….I am very, very impressed!

    Not just by the way you set out the chapters in the book describing the different types of eye contacts before showing the shots (which in itself made it such an easy and enjoyable read) but the amount of quality images you have gathered together over time and all of them with glasses on too, that’s quite amazing and I take my hat off to you.

    It was great to see some of the old shots again from your earlier days which are posted on Flickr, but the best part of all was that by mixing them up with some unseen shots I found myself turning each page hoping for another little ‘street surprise’…..and I definitely wasn’t disappointed.

    Great work Wayne. You are a very talented street photographer & writer of eBooks.
    Thanks for sharing your images, experiences and knowledge with us. It is truly appreciated.

    P.S. Is the last shot on the back cover the 50mm one?

  3. Thank you Grant, I am very touched by your comments.

    As you know it has taken a while to get this together. The advantage of that is that I was able to get some of the shots with the D750. Also, the shots I had to put in initially were shot as I went along. When I decided the subject of the book and started putting it together it was at the forefront of my mind, so over the last couple of weeks I found I was looking to get shots of people with glasses even more.

    I would recommend to anyone wanting to take similar shots to start now, as you will have a good selection by the Spring. From then, especially on the continent, people start wearing sunglasses, and there are less options to shoot.

    I only put in Forwards in the last two books so I have moved on with this one, seperating the shots into chapters, with introductions to each. I think that comes from writing the blog, it gives a confidence to writing. I have got the bug again so will have to start working on a subject for the next one, but will have a think of a different format.

    In reply to your question, that was a good guess. It was a standard portrait shot with the 85mm, so no cigar this time!

  4. Benn Riis Ebbesen

    Hi Wayne,
    Amazing eBook.
    So many great inspiring pictures.

    Kind regards,

    • Thank You Benn, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  5. Julián del Nogal

    Congrats Wayne for your really interesting eBook, I enjoyed it a lot.
    Best wishes.

  6. Thank You also Julián, I’m glad you enjoyed it too.

  7. Wayne, I saw your e-book just before going to Paris and I didn’t have time to let a comment, but your shots were in my mind during these last days … and today I took all my time to look at them carefully. It’s amazing the number of “glass” pictures you’ve got !
    I like the way the book is separated in different chapters, with an interesting introduction each time. I like how you chose the pictures on face to face pages. I wonder how you have chosen your shots : did you print them to be able to put them together, to see which one goes well with another one ?

    I wish I could see the whole book in paper, in an A4 format…
    Bravo, Wayne, un magnifique travail !

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