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Well it has been quite quiet for me photography wise, due to my ill health at the moment, also the weather hasn’t helped. I haven’t written a post at all this month so I thought I should get at least one in before the end of the year.

Luckily I was feeling OK on Wednesday and the sun decided to come out for a short while before another storm was going to hit us. I met up with Martin in Cardiff and we had a good walking shoot and bumped into Ian. It was a really good fun day, with a lot of banter and some very good shots. What a difference to the shots when the light is better.

I decided to put the following shot on Flickr, and titled it Pretty & Confident. I thought it looked great in colour, but checked it out in Black & White. No way was this going to Black & White. She has a great air of confidence about her with her arms swinging as she walks along Queen Street listening to her music.

Pretty & Confident
Pretty & Confident

The next shot was one of those that when you hit the shutter you know it is on the button. She was pushing a bike but I had just turned and saw her so close so got the shot. She looked so warm with those two scarves, and I thought she would be a great contender for the Winter theme in the Monthly Challenge on the “Five Fall Into Adventure” Flickr Group that I am part of. I decided to follow the last shot with the title. I checked this one out in Black & White and thought whooa, it has to be. I hope you agree.

Pretty & Warm
Pretty & Warm

So you can see when I was looking at other shots how I thought that it would make a good theme, so let’s follow it on.

I could have called this next shot Pretty & Persistent, as I think this girl was trained to make out she didn’t understand the word No. She sounded Eastern European, and there seems to be an abundance of Eastern European flower sellers in Cardiff lately, normally older ladies wearing black with head scarves, and not pretty like this girl. She gave me a laugh after asking me about 6 times if I wanted a flower for £1, as she then hassled Martin before moving onto Ian. Eventually she gave up on us three and moved onto this poor group.

Pretty & Punting
Pretty & Punting

I said at the start it was a fun day, and it certainly continued when I saw this girl walking towards me. You can see what stood out about her. She saw me and walked diagonally to get away from the camera, and burst out laughing, holding her hand to her mouth out of embarrassment. As I lowered the camera we both looked at each other laughing. Good sport!

Pretty & Purple & Embarrassed
Pretty & Purple & Embarrassed

Well what can I say. Her boyfriend just walked on whilst the girl looked at me and I got great eye contact as I got the shot.

Pretty & Her Boyfriend
Pretty & Her Boyfriend

Walking through Queen Street I saw this girl from a good way off, but I was unable to separate her from the other people as there were so many. She stood out to me so I had a little play whilst editing so you can see why this beautiful girl stood out to me.

Pretty & Unaware
Pretty & Unaware

I have said about the editing, and for all these shots I have enjoyed editing each one in a different way. The following shot is different again. I had good separation with he woman against the background but I wanted to bring her out even more. I was going to desaturate the background, but in the end went for full separation, and made the background Black & White, whilst leaving her in full beautiful colour.

Pretty & Distracted
Pretty & Distracted

Well 2015, has been a mixed year. On the photography front I have been very pleased. With the addition of the D750 to the arsenal, and also changing from the 85mm 1.8D to the 1.8G, I cannot complain about the equipment. The forming of the Five Fall into Adventure Group on Flickr, along with the Fall Into Street Website, and the pulication of our first eBook, has given new impetus to my photography, and allowed me to work with some great people.

As we go through the start of the new year I should hopefully see a turn in my health and be able to get out with my camera and have more shots to show you on the blog.

So all that’s left to say is Happy New Year to you all and have a great 2016.

6 thoughts on “Pretty & ……..

  1. Wonderful shots, Wayne! My favorite is Pretty & Purple & Embarrassed as she is indeed all three things. As I’ve said, it’s always nicer when people are good sports about having their pictures taken.

    A close second is your last shot, Pretty & Distracted (I love how the titles reflect the series or “theme” for that day). By leaving her in color but having the background b&w really does make her stand out more. Good call on that one. I look forward to your pictures in 2016.

    • Thank you Tina. As you know the oomph hasn’t been there for blog posts of late, but when I titled the first two shots, I knew I had to make this post. Compiling it flew along. Maybe that was due to the pleasure I had writing it.

      The girl with the purple hair really made the day flow along. She seemed so embarrassed by having her shot taken but was laughing so much. That was one of about 6 shots I got of her as I followed her with the camera, and she laughed more in each one.

  2. What a pretty idea to collect these beautiful shots together. You really catched the “spirit” of these young women, I know you are good at that, but you did it so well on this post.
    My favorite are Tina’s ones too, for the same reasons.
    I didn’t see a partially desatured picture for a while, and generally, I’m not a fan, but you did it great on the last shot : just enough colors to make her stand out.
    I wish you a beautiful new year, full of energy and wonderful pictures.

    • Thank you too Esther. I love desaturated images where you can change the tones. With the bottom one it is not so much desaturated as I would call it, but separation, with full colour and Black & White. These were overdone a few years ago when software became available to do it. It has quietened down now and I prefer to do it manually but only for a few shots, every now and again, which I feel then makes them work.

      Here’s hoping to a brighter 2016 with plenty more shots and Blog posts.

  3. MisterGC

    Better late than never eh? :0)

    Oh Yes!
    Excellent idea accompanied by some excellent shots.
    You really got the balance right with your level of processing and also with your choice of which images would be posted in colour & vice versa.
    This post is a fine example that just goes to show that street photos don’t always have to be black & white. Anyone starting out in street photography should have a look at this post and see for themselves.
    I like the shot of the girl who is laughing her head off too. Having a laugh with the public at the same time as photographing them must be a great feeling and add to the enjoyment.
    Nice post mate!

    I hope 2016 is and good year for you, your family and your photography. All the best mate.

    • Thank you so much Grant.

      It was a good fun day, and we had a little sunshine too. I think the shots reflect that.

      I have been playing with different types of editing lately, with some good and some not so good results. If we don’t try we don’t improve do we.

      As you know, most of the time I convert to B&W, but occasionally I believe that the image is so much better in colour.

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