Who is Just Ard?

Who is Just Ard?

• Just Ard is Wayne Lovatt.
• Residing in South Wales, UK.
• I’ve been into photography since my schooldays but have found, with more time available to me, a renewed passion.
• My main interest in photography is Street Photography, and the bug has bitten me. It gives you so much freedom, as the subjects are always changing, and you put your own interpretation on it. It is what you see with your own eyes.

What is Street Photography?

• Street photography seems to mean different things to different people.
• To some it is people on the street engaging in activities.To others it is the people themselves, or the environment those people are in.
• Personally I go down the line of any public place, as long as there are people, (or even if there are not, and it is an interesting view of the environment). Some people may call it “Candid Street Photography”, or “Street Portrait Photography”, but what’s in a name. I’ll leave you to look at the shots and decide what your view is.

Why do I take Street Photography shots?

• It is a way of documenting life. A form of sociology. Recording life and the way we humans live it. Capturing people in their natural environments, without posing, (although when people see you and decide they would like to it is nice to oblige).
• As with all photography, when downloading the images there is a good feeling when you get that 1 shot that really stands out.

Why do I use a Copyright?

• I like to share my photographs, hence this website, the Flickr and Facebook pages, and also numerous other platforms. However I don’t believe it’s right that somebody should make money from my efforts.
• If you would like to use or share any of my photographs please contact me first, and also to conform with the copyright, by attributing the photograph to me, whether to my Flickr Page or to this blog. Remember it is my photograph and nobody else’s.
• If you would like to use any for Commercial Use, then please contact me and we should be able to reach an amicable agreement.